Remember to Lock Your Cars

Posted May 27, 2010 at 4:15 PM, Filed Under: News, NRC Email

Thieves Target Unlocked Cars

Thieves are taking advantage of unlocked cars to steal property belonging to Brandermill residents. Don't become a victim. Please remember:

  1. Always lock your vehicle.
  2. Do not keep items of value in plain view inside your vehicle such as cell phones, laptops, GPS devices, iPods, satellite radios, etc. It is always best to take them inside your home.
  3. It's important to remember that thieves may also target information in an unlocked car (insurance papers or other personal documents) that can lead to identity theft.
  4. Keep an eye out for suspicious activity in your neighborhood. When you see suspicious behavior, call the Chesterfield County Police at 748-1251.

This message is courtesy of the Brandermill Community Association.