The Community Character Committee Needs Your Participation!

Posted July 15, 2011 at 1:04 PM, Filed Under: News, NRC Email

Covenant Concerns

As we did last year, the CCC is now scheduling neighborhood meetings to discuss covenant issues and concerns. If you or your neighbors have questions, issues, concerns and/or comments about BCA covenants, the CCC would like to help you get answers. To participate in a Covenant Concerns meeting, please contact your NRC Rep or a member of the CCC (Jerry Barnes, 744-6066 or Dianne Cardea, 744-3002) to organize a neighborhood meeting. As Brandermill residents, we need to work together towards the revitalization of our community.

Street Sign Posts

In an effort to keep our newly painted and installed street sign posts from being used as personal message boards, we ask NRC Reps to monitor the posts in their neighborhoods and report any such action to the BCA staff (744-1035). Residents have the right to remove the signage, if they so choose. In an effort to revitalize Brandermill, the BCA has spent our assessment monies to update the look of our neighborhoods; let’s work together to sustain that look.

Arborist Volunteers Wanted

The CCC is seeking the help of certified arborists for their project of reviewing the health of trees along Brandermill parkways and in BCA open spaces. Our community is now 33 years old, and our darling saplings have now grown up. We need professional help to evaluate which trees may cause a public safety issue along the parkways and in BCA open spaces as well as to identify dying trees. If you are an arborist residing in Brandermill and would like to volunteer to help with this project (could span 5-10 years), please contact Dianne Cardea, 744-3002.