Highlights of March 21, 2013 MPOC Meeting

Posted April 11, 2013 at 11:58 AM, Filed Under: News, NRC Email

Assistant Community Manager Al Raimo reminded committee chairs and other meeting attendees of some POAA requirements regarding committee meetings.
  • All BCA committee meetings should be announced to all residents at least three days in advance of the actual meeting date and time. He asked that the committee chairs forward meeting announcements to Judy Agee (bca@brandermill.com) for posting.
  • Residents should be allowed reasonable time to voice their opinions (“member voice”) at some point during the meeting.
As a matter of BCA policy, Raimo reminded committee chairs and other meeting attendees:
  • All committee chairs should submit names of new committee members to Raimo who will, in turn, seek approval of the new member to serve on the committee by the BCA Board. The main criteria used by the BCA Board to approve new committee members is that they do not have any current covenant violations.
  • It is important that approved committee minutes be submitted to Raimo for inclusion in the next BCA Board information packet and to be included in the BCA’s minutes records. A “minutes” template, previously approved by the BCA Board, is available to the BCA committees.
The goal of achieving the above items is to provide transparency of committee activities to all Brandermill residents.

2013 MPOC Project Updates

  • Community Character Committee Chair Dianne Cardea reported that an irrigation system is being installed so that planting around the corner of Old Hundred Road and Brandermill Parkway (across from the roundabout) can begin. Appropriate shrubs are to be planted in the cleared area, and hollies will be planted to extend privacy to residents in Quail Hill.
  • Marketing Committee Chair Dennis Peterson stated that the first phase of the BCA marketing web site is underway, and the first deliverable should be available for viewing in April. In response to Director O’Hanley’s question of existing BCA documents being on the new web site, Manager J.B. Bailey responded that everything on the existing BCA web site will be on the new one. Peterson also stated that there would be an interactive map of Brandermill. Raimo noted that the new site will provide revenue-enhancement opportunities.
  • NRC First Vice Chair Joe Herbst announced that the NRC will be hosting a community meeting on April 22, 2013 at 7:00 p.m., Brandermill Woods, to introduce 2014 MPOC projects to the residents and to solicit their feedback. PARC member Thom Flynn will be presenting PARC’s “off-road trails” project at that time.

Proposed 2014 MPOC Projects

  • Peterson presented the concept of an electronic messaging board in Brandermill and possible locations for the messaging board. Natural Resources Committee Chair Schrecognost, who had envisioned the messaging boards to replace the existing ones, questioned the size of the messaging board, and Peterson responded that the proposed sizes would appear relatively small in open space. Value to the community includes good-will and immediate communication, and this project would replace the existing reader board signs over time. After discussion, it was determined that this project should be presented at the April 22, 2013 NRC community meeting.
  • Cardea proposed additional landscaping at various sites throughout Brandermill, which will also be presented at the April 22, 2013 NRC community meeting.
  • The Activities Committee will present various activities to celebrate Brandermill’s 40th anniversary, which will also be included in the April 22, 2013 NRC community meeting.