Message from President Davis re: Pool Compromise

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Message Courtesy of Brandermill Community Association

At this Monday's meeting, February 6, the Brandermill Board of Directors will consider a "Pool Compromise" that will keep all pools open as last year, while not requiring those who don't belong to the pools to pay for memberships they may not use. See the entire "Pool Compromise" below.

If approved, it would require new Brandermill residents as they purchase homes to automatically become pool members with a fee built into their assessments. It provides for a funding mechanism for the short term and even more into the future. New communities with whom Brandermill competes require all residents to pay for pools.

At the January meeting of the Board, and one recent community meeting, questions were raised about Universal Pool Access and why the BCA has not considered it. UPA would eliminate user fees for members to the three Brandermill pools and shift the operating expenses to all members. The estimated annual cost per residential household would be $75 (according to one proponent). If enacted, the higher BCA assessment would continue year after year.

A non-binding survey question on UPA is also proposed for this spring's ballot to determine what the current members' views are. Depending on the results, the new Board next year would decide what action, if any, to take.

The February 6 meeting of the Board will be at 7 p.m. at the Brandermill Church. If you want to provide input to the Board on the "Pool Compromise" and can't attend, please email



  • All three pools remain open.
  • All pools are open 7 days a week.
  • No change in hours of operation.
  • The spring 2017 election ballot will include a non-binding survey question on whether the BCA should consider Universal Pool Access.


  • The 82% of the membership that doesn't belong to the pools don't have to pay.
  • Family rate: $300.
  • For Brandermill members only: daily pass fee of $15.
  • Coupon book rates for all pool member guests: ten passes for $100 or five passes for $65.
  • Non-resident pool family rate: $335.
Reasons for member family rate increase:
  • The pools have lost money each of the last three years totaling $108,000.
  • User fees must increase because total membership is anticipated to decline due to higher fees and the loss of free print advertising.
  • 60% of the people at the Joint Committee meeting voted for higher fees over the other options.
  • Joint Committee recommended a fee of $285 for Brandermill families.
  • The family rate will be $135 less than in 2013.
  • Any profit from the pools' operation will go to the reserve fund, which includes repairing and replacing the pools.
  • Other area pool memberships are $400-plus for families.


  • Effective May 1, 2017, all new Brandermill home purchasers will become pool members.
  • Their annual first-year assessments will be $484 prorated plus $250 (pools) for a total of $734.
  • Any 2018 increase in assessments for those new homeowners will be calculated from the combined total of annual assessments ($484) plus pool fees ($250) for a total of $734.
  • Homes purchased before May 1, 2017 will not be pool members unless the owners choose to be declared a "pool home." After becoming a "pool home," the home retains that classification. The pool fee for 2017 for those members will be $250.
  • Current BCA members who move from one Brandermill home directly to live in another Brandermill home will have the option of not automatically becoming a "pool home" even if that residence was a "pool home."
  • The BCA attorney will draft the changes necessary to revise our Covenants implementing the automatic pool membership for new homeowners with the combined higher assessment. It will be placed on this spring's ballot as a proposed Covenant change, which requires 75 percent of our members to approve.


  • Following our pool consultant's advice, all pools will be repaired for the 2017 opening without drawing down the reserve account below $1 million.

NOTE: Publication of the February issue of The Village Mill will be delayed until Tuesday, February, 7, as additional information needs to be included.