History of Brandermill Pools

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Message Courtesy of Brandermill Community Association
For more than 15-years, the issue of how to finance Brandermill's three pools has been an annual exercise. The Board believes a historical timeline of those developments will help you better understand and answer the question of "how did we get to where we find ourselves today?"
  • October 1997 – BCA referendum to obtain financing to buy and improve the three pools is defeated: 71% against and 29% in favor.
  • August 2001 – Needing to get a 2/3 majority to mortgage BCA assets for a loan of $1.2 million to purchase and refurbishing the pools, the referendum vote falls short by achieving 65%.
  • August 2001 – BCA Community Manager arranges a $1.2 million loan without having to pledge BCA assets as collateral, which means the purchase can be approved by a simple majority of the Board. The Board votes unanimously for the pool purchase with the understanding that the operations of the pools will be borne by user fees and not by members who choose not to be pool members.
  • August 2008 – Board votes to set a referendum on Universal Pool Access in November using an annual fee of $80 per residence and requiring a 50% approval. Shortly thereafter, the Board cancels the referendum, saying it wanted to wait for recommendations of its pending Brandermill Master Plan by Design Forum for the future.
  • March 2009 – UPA is among the recommendations of the Board-approved Brandermill Master Plan by Design Forum. To pay for the annual operational costs and refurbishing the pools, the report recommends higher assessments, increasing the capital fee, a special assessment, using the reserve fund, borrowing and/or issuing bonds.
  • December 2012 – As authorized by the Board, Club Source Design issues a report that UPA would cost $1.7 million to implement. Safety and accessibility was estimated to cost $459,000 and increased usage of the pools would add another $1,243,000.
  • May 2013 ‐ BCA committee of 5 residents recommends ongoing maintenance to keep all three pools open but opposes UPA mainly because of cost. Board agrees, and pool operating costs continue to be paid by user fees.
  • February 2017 – Board approves a referendum on "Pool Compromise" for the spring vote. Starting May 1, it would automatically make new home purchasers pool members paying $250 annually, which increases with assessments. Current residents would not pay for the pools unless choosing to be members at a family rate of $300 or becoming a "pool home" permanently and paying $250.

Residents can view the Club Source Design report on implementing UPA. UPA costs are on pages 20-22.