NRC Commentary on April 3, 2017 BCA Board Meeting

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Important Note: The below highlights are reported based on unofficial notes taken by NRC representatives who attended the above BCA meeting. Although we believe the below reporting is reliable and strive for accuracy, we cannot assure 100% accuracy. It is recommended to all readers that they read the approved BCA Board Meeting minutes when published.

Member Voice

NRC Chair Erin Collins submitted a letter to the BCA Board for consideration. The letter referenced "pool plans and maintenance 2017". She thanked the BCA for holding community meetings regarding the pools and felt the community had a good grasp on the components of the pool compromise and the non-binding UPA survey question.

Here is the full text of the letter:

April 3, 2017

Brandermill Community Association, Community Manager
Brandermill Community Association, Board of Directors
3001 East Boundary Terrace
Midlothian, VA 23112

Re: Pool plans and maintenance 2017

Dear Ms. Wright and members of the Board,

I’m writing to you today as Chairperson of the Neighborhood Residents’ Council for 2017.

As it is our duty to advocate for the neighborhoods to the BCA Board of Directors, to determine and convey matters of community importance to and from the board, and enhance involvement in government processes of the community, I will be providing a written letter to you on a regular basis asking for feedback or action on specific issues. We are also happy to provide an oral report to the Board when I or an officer are logistically able to attend in person.

For the April 2017 meeting of the Board, the NRC seeks an answer to the future of the pools. Specifically, the immediate plans for the 2017 season.

As I personally attended one of the community meetings on the pool compromise, and as many NRC reps have been involved in the discussions, we feel that we have a good grasp on the details of the pool compromise and the issues associated with the upcoming community vote on it. We also understand that the survey contained in the referendum on universal pool access is non-binding.

To help us answer the many questions coming to our NRC representatives, please answer the following:
1) If the pool compromise fails, what are the Board’s next immediate steps?
2) If the pool compromise is successful, but the majority of the neighborhood votes for UPA, what will the Board do/consider?
3) If the pool compromise is successful, and the majority of the neighborhood does not voice support for UPA, what will the Board do to ensure a path to sustained maintenance for each of the pools in Brandermill in the interim between 2017 and the Board’s calculus of an eventual full participation by virtue of home turnover?
4) Regardless of the outcome of the vote, what are the plans for the pools for the 2017 season? We were told extensively about the need for resurfacing the pools at the community meetings and that the pools are not suitable until that work is complete. As we read the budget and accompanying financial plans for 2017, the work at St. ledgers was to be completed this year. To our knowledge, no such work has been undertaken as of April 1. What are your plans to ensure the work is completed in time for opening day, and when will you certify to the community that pools are again safe for our families? Which, if any pools will be ready to open in May?

As always, I am happy to open a dialogue with the Board of Directors and the Community Manager as schedules allow to discuss any concerns about the pools and how the NRC can facilitate communication with the neighborhood.

So that we may best convey your response to NRC Reps, please provide a written response within sufficient time so that we may convey the message to the neighborhood as it may bear on their upcoming voting decision on April 17th.

Erin Collins
cc: NRC officers
NRC representatives
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Please note that the following reports are a synopsis and are not inclusive of commentary and not meant to capture comments or discussions. For full understanding, please reference the audio recording of the meeting.

General Manager's Report

With regard to Director Hunt's specific question about the status of the dock work to be performed at Harbour Pointe, Manager Wright responded that Maintenance has begun to remove the dock, as it has been discovered that there is no undergirding support. Replacement of this dock is not budgeted for 2017, but research will be done to establish where it falls in the Reserve Study. Manager Wright noted that the future of the dock is a decision to be made by the Board of Directors. Aesthetically, the area will look nicer; and in response to resident calls, the yellow tape will be removed.

With regards to the pools, Manager Wright stated that Douglas Aquatics has been hired to review the pool repair bids. Patch replastering will begin at North Beach pool on April 8, and this pool is expected to open at the beginning of the season in May.

With regards to BCA hours, Manager Wright stated that the BCA office will be opened Monday through Friday with extended business hours for the membership. This should take effect in May. There will not be any additional costs for this change.

Counting of the ballots has begun, and there have always been three persons in the room during those times. Manager Wright encourages members to vote and indicated that quorum has been achieved. Election results will be reported at the Annual Meeting on April 17th at The Brandermill Church.

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Consideration of a Request for a Bulkhead at Walker's Ferry

Director Hillman requested consideration of building a bulkhead by Roby Monday in Walker's Ferry as presented on pages 33-39 of this Board packet. The purpose of this bulkhead is to deter further erosion along that particular stretch of the shoreline.

President Davis moved and Treasurer Gregory seconded a motion to approve construction of the bulkhead as presented. The motion was unanimously adopted. Correspondence to East West Partners relaying this vote will be sent.

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Presentation and Adoption of 2016 Audit

Treasurer Gregory commented that 2016 Audit Report has been finalized and was unanimously accepted by the Finance Committee at its March 17, 2017 meeting. The auditors concluded that "the financial statements were materially accurate with no qualifications on that opinion." Treasurer Gregory further summarized the findings of the 2016 Audit Report in his "Treasurer's Comments" document.

In its review of past-due accounts receivables last November, the Finance Committee concluded that the age of some of the accounts were sufficiently old as to deem them uncollectible. This caused the Finance Committee to recommend that the "bad debt" line item be increased to approximately $90,000. The BCA will, however, continue to seek remittance for past-due assessments as well as legal and court costs.

Excess revenue over expenses for BCA activities (excluding the above bad debt line item and pool operational costs) was approximately $61,000, while the budgeted amounts for these activities was $39,000. This yielded an approximate surplus of $22,000.

The pools in 2016 yielded a loss of approximately $83,000, which had an impact on the overall operational budget. The other item which greatly impacted our 2016 budget was the bad debt adjustment as described above.

Additional explanation of other budget variances are explained on page 2 of the Treasurer's Comments document.

Manager Wright indicated that approximately $18,000 has been recovered in legal fees due to the BCA winning its legal cases and legal/court costs being reimbursed.

Treasurer Gregory moved and Director Hillman seconded a motion to approve and adopt the 2016 Audit Report. This motion was unanimously approved.

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The regular meeting then ended when the Board adjourned into executive session.