Announcement regarding Brandermill Pools

Posted April 10, 2017 at 7:55 PM, Filed Under: Front Page, News, NRC Email

Message courtesy of Brandermill Community Association

Dear Residents,

The Board of Directors met in executive session on Saturday, April 8 at the BCA office to discuss and solve the pool repair situation we are facing. Over the past few months the Board and Staff have done their due diligence to look at the multiple options and their consequences, such as the final year of a binding three-year pool management contract for staffing and managing three pools at $179,000 annually. They voted to move forward with necessary repairs of St. Ledger's and Harbour Pointe pools and patch North Beach pool that will allow all three pools to open for the 2017 season.

Since this type of work is specialized and in order to prevent another situation like we find ourselves in now, the Board has authorized Staff to enter into a consultant contract with a well-known expert in all matters relating to pools. This consultant has assisted staff with reviewing the bids for repair work on all three pools and greatly reducing costs. The consultant will also be present during the repairs to oversee the work and utilized as an expert witness representing BCA in potential legal actions.

Expected costs will keep the BCA Reserve Fund over the one-million-dollar amount set by the Finance Committee.

Please strongly consider purchasing a 2017 pool membership within Brandermill to support your community. [emphasis added]

Staff and contractors will be working diligently to have all pools open by May 27.