BCA Board's Response to NRC Letter Regarding Pools

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Responding to NRC's letter to the BCA Board regarding the pools, the BCA, on behalf of the BCA Board, sent the NRC the following letter.

April 12, 2017

Ms. Erin Collins
NRC Chairperson, 2017

RE: Pool Plans

Dear Ms. Collins,

Thank you for your letter regarding the above topic which I received when you delivered it to the Brandermill Board of Directors meeting on Monday night April 3, 2017. As you state you are writing on behalf of the Neighborhood Residence Council, a chartered committee of the Association. Board President Mr. Charlie Davis has asked that I respond on the Boards behalf.

The Board has authorized me to enter into a contract with Douglas Aquatics to have the North Beach pool repaired – it requires two patches. Work is scheduled to be completed at North Beach pool over the weekend of April 14-16.

As you may know this is the pool that the Brandermill swim team uses for practice and home meets. The staff has worked tirelessly over the winter accumulating bids from three different contractors to conduct the necessary repairs at the other two pools. This kind of work is specialized, and accordingly in order to prevent another situation like we find ourselves in now, the Board has authorized me to enter into a consultant contract with Mr. Doug Salvia, a well-known expert in all matters relating to pools. Mr. Salvia will act as our consulting expert should we pursue the pool contractor on the sub-standard work that is currently under legal review. Mr. Salvia was recently hired to review bids and provide the Association with his recommendations on whom we should hire to conduct the pool repairs at St. Ledger’s and Harbour Pointe pools.

Trying to expedite this important decision. The Board held four special meetings in March, two of them seeking input from the membership on this crucial matter, and two in early April. At the Board special meeting held Saturday, April 8 they voted to move forward with work on St. Ledger’s and Harbour Pointe pools with the direction of the pool consultant. A contractor has been identified for the repair work of these two pools and we are in the process of finalizing the contracts. The contractor is ready to provide the services necessary to have the pools open for the 2017 season.

I have answered the questions posed in your letter below.
1) If the pool compromise is fails, what are the Board’s next immediate steps?
The Board of Directors will have to meet and review their plan for funding the pools moving forward.
2) If the pool compromise is successful, but the majority of neighborhood votes for UPA, what will the Board do/consider?
The "Pool Compromise" was a referendum so if it passes it will be implemented after due notice and planning.
3) If the pool compromise is successful, and the majority of the neighborhood does not voice support for UPA, what will the Board do to ensure a path to sustained maintenance for each of the pools in Brandermill in the interim between 2017 and the Board’s calculus of an eventual full participation by virtue of home turnover?
Pool operational costs ha[ve] to be covered by the pool membership fees, which are dependent on variables, such as management fees and membership fees of neighboring pools. According to a Club Source Design study of Brandermill pools done in 2012, UPA would increase usage of the pools and require an investment of 1.4 to 1.7 million dollars in the infrastructure.
4) Regardless of the outcome of the vote, what are the plans for the pools for the 2017 season? We were told extensively about the need for resurfacing the pools at the community meetings and that the pools are not suitable until that works is complete. As we read the budget and accompanying financial plans for 2017, the work at St. Ledger’s was to be completed this year. To our knowledge, no such work has been undertaken as of April 1. What are your plans to ensure the work is completed in time for opening day, and when will you certify to the community that pools are again safe for our families? Which, if any, pools will be ready to open in May?
The Board of Directors met in executive session on Saturday, April 8 at the BCA office to discuss and solve the pool repair situation we are facing. Over the past few months the Board and staff have done their due diligence by looking at the multiple options and their consequences. The Board and staff have found a way to repair all three pools. Staff and contractors are working diligently to have all pools open by May 27.

It would be premature to speculate on the results of the questions posed on the annual election ballot. There are multiple areas to address and concerns to explore before determining a definitive course of action on both the "Pool Compromise" and/or Universal Pool Access (UPA). Both approaches pose varying degrees of potential issues. For instance, when the UPA issue was studied a few years ago, the swim management company at the time estimated that the contract amount would need to be increased 25% for the first year based upon anticipated increased usage. The current pool management contract is $179,000 for this year and will need to be rebid or possibly eliminated for 2018. Depending on the UPA question being answered may have a direct and large impact on the cost of operating the pools. There are many moving parts to this equation, again, just premature to opine on what may or may not happen.

I will certainly endeavor to keep the community and the NRC abreast of developments as they relate to the pools, as soon as Information is available that can to be shared with the membership. I have always valued the involvement of residents and the dedication of time from the volunteers. I certainly believe we can achieve more working closely together for the betterment of Brandermill. I will reach out to you soon, to establish protocols for up-coming town hall meetings. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and observations, I always appreciate hearing from members on matters that are important to them.


Cynthia Wright
General Manager

CC: Charles Davis
Board of Directors

The NRC thanks the BCA for their prompt response and the encouraging news about the pools for the 2017 season.