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About the NRC


To improve the community lives of the residential members of Brandermill by providing an organizational structure to serve as the advocate for all neighborhoods to the BCA Board of Directors (Board), to determine and convey matters of neighborhood and community importance to and from the Board, and to enhance participation in the activities and involvement in the governance processes of the Community.


  1. Provide a forum for all members of Brandermill to learn of the activities of the Brandermill Community (Community) and the Brandermill Community Association (Association), and to express their views, concerns and recommendations on community activities and issues relevant to the quality of life and the property values in the Community.
  2. Develop and implement strategies to communicate efficiently and readily with the Brandermill Community.
  3. Establish a volunteer recruitment program to ensure that all neighborhoods have an assigned representative.
  4. Gather information, exchange ideas and inform the members of the Community.
  5. Provide a structure for reporting information and suggestions from the members to the Board and other Committees for appropriate action.
  6. Promote participation of members in the activities of the Community.
  7. Enhance the participation of members in the governance of the Community by encouraging service on the Board and Committees, and other Community organizations.
  8. Encourage increased voting of members in annual elections and referenda.