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Community Meetings for Brandermill Master Plan

Posted November 22, 2008 at 1:04 PM
Wednesday, November 5
6:00-9:00 p.m.
The Brandermill Church
Saturday, November 8
9:00-12:00 noon
The Brandermill Church

All residents are urged to attend at least one of these important community meetings regarding Brandermill's Master Plan. Representatives from designforum will be present to facilitate these meetings and to obtain input from attendees. All resident feedback will be considered as designforum prepares documentation for our community's Master Plan.

The BCA office reports that these two "sessions are not duplicates so residents are encouraged to attend both meetings if possible."

YOUR INPUT IS IMPORTANT! This is your opportunity to let the BCA Board and designforum know of your vision for our community.

November 18, 2008 NRC Minutes

Posted November 18, 2008 at 12:00 AM
Neighborhood Residents Council
November 18, 2008


The meeting was called to order by John Hughes, chair of NRC, on November 18, 2008 at 7:10 p.m. in the meeting room at Brandermill Woods, Midlothian, Virginia 23112.


Joan Bernick – Brandermill Woods
Richard Kury - Cove Ridge
Joany Flynn – Fox Chase
Frances Hillman – Huntgate Woods
Susan Schoemmell - Litchfield Bluff
Julane Johndrow – Long Shadow
Beverly Bell – McTyres Cove
Grant Miller - McTyres Cove
John Hughes - Muirfield Cove
Regina Knapp – Planter’s Wood
Mamie McNeal - Planter's Wood
Kevin Healy - Riverbirch Trace
Joel Bradner – Stoney Ridge
Ed Applequist – Winterberry Ridge
Sam Chiocca – Heritage Woods
Rob Robb – Shadow Ridge
John McLenagan – Winterberry Ridge


Sam Chiocca (Heritage Woods) asked if we had a contingence plan for the marina. He commented that it appeared as if Brandermill was just a victim, waiting for Wexwater to increase marina rental charges. In 2008, the marina dues have gone up from $650 to $800 per year.

Chair Hughes informed the group that the BCA Board has been holding discussions with Wexwater about the rental fees, which is on a month-to-month rental basis. He expressed concern for about the condition of the Brandermill Inn, citing that the place is run down and may become a safety issue. He also stated that it is a reflection of our community.

Joel Bradner, president BCA Board, said the Board is working on a contingency plan and also noted that there was no better place for the marina than where it is presently located. Since the Inn’s bankruptcy, the Board has had to deal with a third party (Wexwater). As part of a contingency plan, the Board is looking into other locations on the lake. To just move the marina would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and those costs would need to be passed to the marina renters. Wexwater understands our concerns, and the BCA Board is trying to use its leverage to best serve the community.

With regards to the existing marina, Chair Hughes commented the BCA owns everything that is in the water, except the first piece of the dock. These items are clear of any debt, except the on-going cost of electricity and Wexwater’s rental fees.

Mamie McNeal (Planters Woods) asked if anyone had informed the bankruptcy trustees of the damage that has occurred to the Inn. Sam Chiocca stated that a good reason for a contingency plan was the case that someone bought the Inn and then told us to move.


Chair Hughes reported on the changes to the NRC charter, BCA general committee policies and the code of ethics. Several months ago the NRC officers, along with comments from 20 members of the NRC, submitted comments about these three documents but have yet to hear anything back. Directors Bob Friedel and Jason Livingston has submitted yet another set of revisions to these same three documents. As to where the NRC presently stands, we feel that we have beaten it to death, especially with no feedback from the Board directors. Chair Hughes stated that he had commented on this during Member Voice of the previous BCA Board meeting. Comments to the November 5, 2008 version of the NRC charter have been summarized and resent to Director Friedel.

Chair Hughes also stated that we do not think the layering of additional policies is needed for a volunteer organization. Other communities have less qualification for volunteering, and the NRC feels that it should follow the lead. Brandermill had something that seemed to work and was fairly simple, whereas now, Directors Friedel and Livingston are proposing BCA committees have document after document of additional policies, ethics, etc. It is quite disappointing that after 33 years, the functionality of Brandermill committees will become more cumbersome with additional policies. Chair Hughes queried: "Where did we go wrong as a volunteer organization? I don’t understand it, but the NRC is going to submit it comments and revisions again. This is the best we can do for right now. If we thought it would improve our community we would be all for it, however this is not the case."

Ed Applequist (Winterberry Ridge) who also serves as a member of the BCA Environmental Committee spoke up and said he would not sign anything like they are proposing.

Chair Hughes said that a member of the BCA Finance Committee spoke during Member Voice of the last BCA meeting and said the other committee members were also having problems with the documents. Chair Hughes hopes that common sense will prevail.

Treasurer Grant Miller commented that the NRC officers have spent a lot of time going over these three documents, time that could have been better spent working on other items of importance.

President Joel Bradner stated that not everyone on the BCA Board was involved in this endeavor. He has agreed to put the discussion of these three documents on the BCA Board’s December agenda and have asked that the documents be submitted to the Board members at least one week in advance so that the Board may have time to review the documents before the meeting. He also asked for the chairs of the various committees submit feedback.

Chair Hughes concluded this discussion by saying that may be some confusion with all the numerous versions of the documents floating around and that the documents didn’t reflect the “sense of community” that we had all hoped for.


First Vice-Chair: Regina Knapp, First Vice-Chair and BCA Board liaison, reported that designforum will be presenting at the December 1st BCA Board meeting.

The Crime Prevention Committee gave a report concerning safety issues at Harbour Pointe, St Ledger, North Beach, Sunday Park and Waterside along with several other Brandermill locations. The Committee also made recommendations for the BCA to consider with regards to these safety issues.

Discussion was held about the termite damage at Harbour Pointe clubhouse. Approval was given to purchase a $27,000 pool cover for St. Ledger’s pool.

Membership Committee: No report given. Communications Committee: Mamie McNeal reported during the month of October 2008, there were 1,169 hits on the web site.

Although unable to attend the NRC meeting, Director Andrea Epps asked that McNeal report the following:
  1. All the road packets have now been returned. Director Epps sincerely thanks everyone who participated. After all the data has been entered into their appropriate worksheets, Director Epps will send the information to VDOT and then to the NRC. McNeal will then post the road grades onto the web site for residents to view.
  2. The community master plan meetings held on November 5 and 8 had over 250 attendees and were considered successful. During the November 17, 2008 BCA Board meeting, it was indicated that designforum has requested time at the Board’s December 1 meeting to make a brief presentation to the Board. A more formal draft will be presented to the Board during the early part of next year. Once reviewed by the Board, the draft will be made available to residents for their feedback. So, all residents will have another opportunity to comment on the master plan as it develops and become finalize.


There was no old business discussed at this meeting.


BCA Director John McLenagan introduced BCA President Joel Bradner who presented the background of the Crime Prevention Task Force – how and why it got started and where it is today. While Brandermill’s crime rate is extremely low, crime prevention units help to improve property values. Out of more than 75 neighborhoods, only six have watch groups when the task force was formed.

At their first meeting, John McLenagan, chair of the Crime Prevention Task Force, set a goal of establishing 14 new neighborhood watch teams by the National Night Out event on August 5th. In all, seven new neighborhoods registered this year as participants in the event, representing a big improvement over the past. Brandermill now has 13 neighborhood watch teams. Director McLenagan also reviewed the report compiled by the CPTED Group of the Crime Prevention Committee.

Director McLenagan concluded the presentation by saying: "This is your neighborhood, your community, and your help and commitment is necessary for success to ensure we continue to have a low crime rate. Those that are interested in being a team captain, please stop by the BCA office to pick up more information. This is a grass roots community based initiative."

Chair Hughes asked BCA President Joel Bradner to explain the responsibilities of a BCA Board member and the process for anyone who might be interested in serving on the Board. President Bradner responded by saying that anyone interested in running for a Board position should pick up a packet of information from the BCA office. The packet should be ready by January 2, 2009. President Bradner also ask us to encourage all residents to get involved.

Chair Hughes asked for volunteers to serve on the NRC nominating committee to present a slate of officers for 2009. As there were no volunteers, Chair Hughes asked each of the existing NRC officers to serve on the committee, headed by Douglas Wayne.

Chair Hughes suggested that the NRC present Brandermill Woods with a park bench in appreciation for all they provide. Joan Bernick, Brandermill Woods, will check to see if there is something else that they would like as much.
MOTION: First Vice chair Regina Knapp moved that the NRC gives Brandermill Woods an appreciation gift for providing us with a facility to meet and snacks when requested.
MOTION PASSED: Unanimously.
Joany Flynn (Fox Chase) wanted to know about the easement on Old Hundred Road. President Bradner said that the BCA Board has notified Chesterfield County of the concerns and has given the County an alternative to their proposal. The County did not want to bury the lines because of cost but does have the right of public domain. At present, there is no resolution.


A motion to adjourn the meeting was made, seconded and unanimously carried. The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 p.m., November 18, 2008.

Respectfully submitted,

Frances Hillman, Secretary
Neighborhood Residents Council

John Hughes, Chair
Neighborhood Residents Council