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Community Meeting on Proposed 2014 MPOC Projects

Posted April 11, 2013 at 11:58 AM
Mark your calendars now to attend this informational meeting:
Monday, April 22, 2013
7 p.m.
Brandermill Woods
Plan to attend a community meeting hosted by the NRC to learn of 2014 Master Plan projects proposed by various BCA committees. This is your opportunity to directly ask questions of the sponsoring committee members on such proposed projects as electronic messaging boards, landscaping, off-road trails and community activities to celebrate Brandermill’s 40th anniversary. A Q&A session will be included on the agenda.

Proposed 2014 MPOC projects to be presented at this meeting include:

Electronic Messaging Board
Proposed by Marketing Committee, Dennis Peterson, Chair

It is proposed that the BCA install the first of several planned Electronic Message Boards to serve residents and visitors in our community. The message mechanism is a screen of LED lights programmed to display messages and announcements of interest to our residents in a timely attention grabbing format. Examples of typical messages displayed would be those welcoming new residents or businesses to Brandermill. Others would be community service announcements such as road maintenance advisories, assessment deadlines, events and activities registrations, service club meeting times and school closings.

The value of this project is to enhance community spirit and good will among our residents and to give our community image a sense of modernization while meeting the needs and expectations of the current generation of Brandermill residents and the home-buying public. Foremost, it is foremost an effective method to communicate important information.

More details of this project are available for downloading.

Proposed by Community Character Committee, Dianne Cardea, Chair/Presenter

Purpose: Beautification projects for the BCA community

  • Sagewood and Genito Roads: Plant a group of hollies between the homes in Sagewood that back up to Genito Road. This planting would act as a buffer and conceal the back of the homes from oncoming traffic.
  • BCA Office Complex: The following is a brief overview of this proposed landscaping project.
    The existing garden in front of The Village Mill office will be filled with annuals. Moving to the left, six nandinas should be removed (to be used in other areas) and two to three of the albelia moved to the front. This will open up the entire area.
    The damaged crape myrtle will be replaced; three rose bushes will be planted on each side of the walk way a good distance from the edge of the walk way, lower shrubs such as soft touch hollies will be planted in front and the remaining area should be concentrated with annuals.
    The left area in front of the building and the area across the entrance road will be cleared and planted with soft touch hollies, low growing carpet roses (to match larger bushes at front entrance) and sedums.
  • Planters Wood Road (Heritage Woods) and Millridge Parkway: The mound will be reshaped and cleaned. Either Jane Magnolias or Chinese Fringe trees will be planted with shrub crape myrtle (Dazzle), day lilies 12”-18” Stella Dora (yellow), and carpet roses. Sedum (evergreen with yellow blossoms) will act as a ground cover.
  • Harbour Pointe Road (not the main entrance but the neighborhood entrance with the gazebo): Old grasses will be replaced with Muhly grasses; day lilies will be divided and filled in around tree. Three azaleas will be added to match existing seven azaleas in top section. Extend variegated liriope up to the grass area near the tree. Replace junipers with white gumbos. Add five of the same type of azaleas that are behind the gazebo. Add white gumbos below the azaleas. Fill brick planter with vinca and annuals.
  • Front Entrance: Replace existing crape myrtles below the sign at the top of garden with one or two smaller species of crape myrtles.
  • Huntgate Woods and Brandermill Parkway: Transplant some of the nandinas from the BCA office in an area where a utility box was left visible after tree management.
  • Copper Hill: Use remainder of nandina to conceal a utility box at the entrance of Copper Hill.

More details of these landscape projects are available for downloading.

Off-Road Trails
Proposed by Parks, Amenities and Recreation Committee, Mel Burton, Chair
Thom Flynn, Presenter

In 2009, the Brandermill Master Plan unveiled sweeping recommendations to transform Brandermill into “a community that is more livable, vibrant and exciting for its current residents, while providing a competitive edge among new neighborhoods in Chesterfield County and the Richmond metropolitan area” (Brandermill Master Plan, p. 5). Embedded in the plan’s recommendations, the authors identified the opportunity for new uses of existing spaces that could differentiate the community, including mountain biking, whereby “well-designed trails take advantage of [our] natural land features”.

Additionally, many community health initiatives have recognized and capitalized on the role of our natural resources in promoting healthy lifestyles. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) contends that trails help humans make sense of a world increasingly dominated by automobiles and pavement. They put us in touch with our natural surroundings, soothe our psyches, challenge our bodies, and allow us to practice traditional skills” (USDA, 2007, pp. 10–11).

Implementation of this project could add to Brandermill’s uniqueness and enhance the quality of life in our community. Brandermill sites considered for this project included Nuttree Park, Sunday Park and Harbour Pointe.

Presentation slides and a full detailed report are available for downloading.

Brandermill 40th Anniversary Community Activities
Proposed by the Activities Committee, Lisha Lawlor, Chair

The goal of this/these project(s)/event(s) is for the residents of Brandermill to celebrate and honor our community’s 40th anniversary. The project(s)/event(s) are to encompass all age groups.

Mark your calendars now to attend this informative community meeting:

Monday, April 22, 2013
7 p.m.
Brandermill Woods
The NRC will be asking you to electronically rank your preferences for these 2014 MPOC projects later this month!

Highlights of April 4, 2013 BCA Board Meeting

Posted April 11, 2013 at 11:58 AM
Important Note: The below highlights are reported based on unofficial notes taken by NRC representatives who attended the above BCA meeting. Although we believe the below reporting is reliable and strive for accuracy, we cannot assure 100% accuracy. It is recommended to all readers that they read the approved BCA Board Meeting minutes when published.

Member Voice

Warren Ragsdale (Huntsbridge) asked who was counting the ballots for the upcoming election of Board of Directors. Chairman Guthrie asked Ragsdale to wait for an answer later in the meeting as the BCA had placed this topic on the agenda for discussion.

Minutes of the March 4, 2013 Board Meeting

Director Hillman requested that the minutes be amended regarding her comments under Item 7. She noted that she suggested the BCA Board consider a new referendum “to amend the capital fee,” not that the referendum be “to raise the capital fee to the maximum amount”. The minutes were so amended and approved.

President’s Report

President Guthrie noted that three of the current board members, including Director Joyce Rowe, will no longer sit on the BCA Board after the election on April 15, 2013. President Guthrie commented on the vast amount of experience and dedication that Rowe has given in service to Brandermill in various capacities over the years. On behalf of the BCA Board, staff and Brandermill, Director Guthrie thanked Director Rowe. He also gave her gifts in recognition of her service on behalf of the staff. Director Rowe expressed her thanks for all of the help she received from residents, friends, staff and Board Directors during her time of office.

Director’s Report

Director Hillman asked if the minutes for the annual meeting could be approved in May immediately after the Director election, instead of waiting until the next annual meeting, a year later. Director Livingston offered the opinion that there was no legal reason why the annual meeting minutes could not be approved at the next monthly meeting. Director Hillman then suggested that the BCA make this procedural change in the interest of making information available on a timely basis.

Committee Reports

Please see pages 12-22 of the April 1, 2013 Board Information Packet for this BCA Board meeting.

Manager’s Report

  • Community Manager John Bailey reported that, regarding the election for BCA Board Directors, approximately 600 ballots have been returned to-date. Bailey described the process the staff is using to keep the ballots secure and unopened: ballots are removed from the locked ballot box once per week, banded into packs of 50 unopened envelopes and deposited in the safe. He is handling the envelopes personally with Judy Agee as witness. He noted that pending the BCA Board’s approval, the unopened ballots envelopes will be delivered from the safe to the audit firm, Wells Coleman & Co, LLP for tallying.
  • Bailey then updated the BCA Board on proposed changes to the Architectural Review Board’s review process. Currently proposals for ARB review may be submitted until close of business on the day before the ARB’s monthly meeting. This process is not friendly to the members or the ARB because it allows no time for review before the proposal is discussed. Pending approval by the Board of Directors and changes to the guidelines regarding submittals, the ARB will review proposals received one week prior to its committee meeting. The ARB is also working on guidelines to develop a checklist of required information that members will need in order to submit a complete application. If the application is submitted on time but is incomplete, the member will have until the Friday preceding the next ARB meeting to submit any missing information. If a proposal is for construction, it requires review by the ARB’s consulting architect, Doug Greene of Design Management Associates. The increased lead time will allow time for the architect to exam the proposals and make recommendations to the ARB. The final agenda for the ARB meetings, which are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month, will then be prepared on the Friday preceding the ARB meeting. The goal is to give the ARB committee members sufficient time to review proposals prior to the meeting. Long-term this will also benefit residents.
  • Bailey related that we had some significant vandalism in Brandermill on Sunday night, March 31, 2013. He asked members to be vigilant and to contact the Chesterfield County Police if they have any information that might be helpful.
  • Bailey addressed the walking paths that our community association shares with the Brandermill Country Club. He noted that our members need to be careful in using the shared paths. There have been instances when members using the paths have entered onto fairways, putting them in danger. He noted that some of these shared paths are on the private property of the country club. If one of our members were to be injured while using these shared paths, we could potentially lose access to them. He advised that we will be working with the country club to, at least, develop signage advising members of danger and requiring appropriate behavior when using these shared paths.
  • Bailey reported that the current roofing repairs to the BCA office will run over budget. The amount of this cost overage is still being determined. Bailey noted that there were two roofs, one installed over the other, complicating the work. He will advise the BCA Board as soon as he has a final cost for the repairs. Director Davis questioned why this overage was not better anticipated, and Bailey explained that the extensive damage below the surface of the roof could not have been fully determined prior to the start of the work. The current contract for the work, approved last month by the BCA Board, is $13,500, and the overage could be between $2,000 and $5,000, depending on how much of the base needs to be replaced.
  • President Guthrie noted that he was pleased to see that the Bailey has established ongoing dialogues with VDOT regarding planning for specific road repairs to be done in 2013 and into 2014. He also noted that he was pleased that Bailey had met with Mike Hatch of the Brandermill Country Club to develop a relationship and develop a cooperative approach to shared issues.
  • Director Davis then voiced concern with the condition of the road surface of Village Green West. He noted that this road is used by visitors to the Holiday Inn and other commercial interests and that its poor condition might give a bad first impression for Brandermill.
    Director Bettin agreed and suggested that it would be a good idea to communicate some of the progress we have been making in working with VDOT since this has been a source of community dissatisfaction. Bettin also suggested that we should seek input from our members regarding the condition of the roads.
    Director Davis requested that the community manager voice this concern to VDOT and request that repairs be made.
    President Guthrie agreed and commented that it would be good if all requests for road repairs by Brandermill members be made through the BCA. This will help to improve our ongoing relationship with VDOT. He noted that he was disappointed with the condition of the road at Commodore Pointe Road, even after VDOT’s repairs. He advised that if all requests to VDOT go through the conduit of the BCA, we will enhance our relationship with VDOT and be better able to focus their efforts productively. He also noted that he agreed with Director Bettin that we are developing a partnership with VDOT so that they don’t feel as if we are just constantly complaining and tune us out.
  • Director Hillman then commented on the tunnel restoration projects at Genito Road and at North Beach Road. She noted that she had heard concerns about poor lighting in the tunnels due to a change in the configuration of the tunnels. She also expressed some concern about how the restoration had caused changes which allowed for children to climb on top of the tunnels. This is due to the removal of timbers which precluded this prior to the restoration work.
  • Director Hillman next suggested that we have been making progress improving the condition of the neighborhood signs but noted that possibly the rate of refurbishment should be increased. She noted that the reserve study allowed for three signs per year to be refurbished and that she had calculated that it would require about 16 years between refurbishments at that rate.
    Director O’Hanley asked how long it had been between refurbishments.
    Assistant Community Manager Raimo noted that the current rate is three per year but that it varies based upon the perceived need. Weather conditions such as amount of sun causes some signs to weather faster than others.
    President Guthrie advised that the current rate of refurbishment may need to be reviewed since it might have been set before Brandermill expanded to its current size of 88 neighborhoods.
  • Director Davis then voiced some concern about mold on the blue street signs and asked who is responsible for cleaning them. He suggested that, while they are in generally good condition, they need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

Marina Litigation

Manager Bailey updated the BCA Board regarding the current status of the litigation. He noted that the General District judgment of March 12, gave the BCA 10 days to use the dock and 60 days to vacate the dock from its current location near the Brandermill Inn. He noted however that we have filed an appeal and posted a $20,000 bond (a cost of $400). Members can continue to use the marina until the appeal is heard. Bailey also noted that since 2006 there have been a number of studies done and suggestions made regarding an alternate location for the marina. Raimo commented that boat owners would prefer to keep the marina at the current location, and Director Guthrie affirmed that.

Motion to Approve the Use of an Auditing Company to Tally Ballots

President Guthrie advised that an additional item had been added to the agenda regarding discussion of balloting. He stated that the BCA Board had considered having an auditing firm handle counting of the ballots for the upcoming April 15, 2013 election and that staff and residents would not be involved in counting the ballots this year. Manager Bailey stated that the cost of having the auditing firm tally the ballots would run $1,750 to $2,500, depending on the number of ballots to be counted and other variables. President Guthrie then asked for member comment.
  • NRC Chair Mamie McNeal commented that it had feedback from resident over the past 2-3 years requesting the ballots be tallied by an independent third party and Bailey’s proposal to have our current auditing firm is greatly appreciated.
  • Warren Ragsdale (Huntsbridge) suggested that if we could just get five honest Brandermill members to tally the ballots, it could save the BCA the cost of paying the auditing firm.
President Guthrie stated that the BCA Board could review other options for the future but asked for a motion to approve the use of an auditing firm for the current ballot. The motion was approved.

WANTED: Nominations for "Award-Winning" and "Most Improved" Brandermill Homes

Posted April 11, 2013 at 11:58 AM
The CCC wants to continue the program of recognizing "award-winning" and "most improved" homes in Brandermill. However, this is not possible without your help with nominations.

If you know of a home that always looks well-kept, please nominate it for Award-Winning Home. Likewise, if you are aware of a home that has undergone renovation, please nominate it for Most Improved Home.

Send your nominations to Dianne Cardea ( The CCC will review all nominations and then forward them to the BCA Standards Department for final assessment. For the most recent Award-Winning Home, visit

Message courtesy of Community Character Committee ("CCC")

Highlights of March 21, 2013 MPOC Meeting

Posted April 11, 2013 at 11:58 AM
Assistant Community Manager Al Raimo reminded committee chairs and other meeting attendees of some POAA requirements regarding committee meetings.
  • All BCA committee meetings should be announced to all residents at least three days in advance of the actual meeting date and time. He asked that the committee chairs forward meeting announcements to Judy Agee ( for posting.
  • Residents should be allowed reasonable time to voice their opinions (“member voice”) at some point during the meeting.
As a matter of BCA policy, Raimo reminded committee chairs and other meeting attendees:
  • All committee chairs should submit names of new committee members to Raimo who will, in turn, seek approval of the new member to serve on the committee by the BCA Board. The main criteria used by the BCA Board to approve new committee members is that they do not have any current covenant violations.
  • It is important that approved committee minutes be submitted to Raimo for inclusion in the next BCA Board information packet and to be included in the BCA’s minutes records. A “minutes” template, previously approved by the BCA Board, is available to the BCA committees.
The goal of achieving the above items is to provide transparency of committee activities to all Brandermill residents.

2013 MPOC Project Updates

  • Community Character Committee Chair Dianne Cardea reported that an irrigation system is being installed so that planting around the corner of Old Hundred Road and Brandermill Parkway (across from the roundabout) can begin. Appropriate shrubs are to be planted in the cleared area, and hollies will be planted to extend privacy to residents in Quail Hill.
  • Marketing Committee Chair Dennis Peterson stated that the first phase of the BCA marketing web site is underway, and the first deliverable should be available for viewing in April. In response to Director O’Hanley’s question of existing BCA documents being on the new web site, Manager J.B. Bailey responded that everything on the existing BCA web site will be on the new one. Peterson also stated that there would be an interactive map of Brandermill. Raimo noted that the new site will provide revenue-enhancement opportunities.
  • NRC First Vice Chair Joe Herbst announced that the NRC will be hosting a community meeting on April 22, 2013 at 7:00 p.m., Brandermill Woods, to introduce 2014 MPOC projects to the residents and to solicit their feedback. PARC member Thom Flynn will be presenting PARC’s “off-road trails” project at that time.

Proposed 2014 MPOC Projects

  • Peterson presented the concept of an electronic messaging board in Brandermill and possible locations for the messaging board. Natural Resources Committee Chair Schrecognost, who had envisioned the messaging boards to replace the existing ones, questioned the size of the messaging board, and Peterson responded that the proposed sizes would appear relatively small in open space. Value to the community includes good-will and immediate communication, and this project would replace the existing reader board signs over time. After discussion, it was determined that this project should be presented at the April 22, 2013 NRC community meeting.
  • Cardea proposed additional landscaping at various sites throughout Brandermill, which will also be presented at the April 22, 2013 NRC community meeting.
  • The Activities Committee will present various activities to celebrate Brandermill’s 40th anniversary, which will also be included in the April 22, 2013 NRC community meeting.