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NRC 8/15/2013 Draft Minutes Available for Review

Posted August 24, 2013 at 5:13 PM
To implement a parliamentarian change as discussed at the NRC's August 15, 2013 meeting, draft minutes of this meeting are now posted for meeting attendee comments. Please respond with any potential changes to these minutes to no later 5 p.m., Tuesday, August 27, 2013.

The purpose for this parliamentarian change is to expedite membership approval of the minutes for submission to the BCA Board of Directors. We thank you for your participation.

Highlights of August 5, 2013 BCA Board Meeting

Posted August 14, 2013 at 4:56 PM
Important Note: The below highlights are reported based on unofficial notes taken by NRC representatives who attended the above BCA meeting. Although we believe the below reporting is reliable and strive for accuracy, we cannot assure 100% accuracy. It is recommended to all readers that they read the approved BCA Board Meeting minutes when published.

Consideration of the Minutes for the July 1 BCA Board of Directors Meeting

The Board approved its minutes of the July 1, 2013 meeting with no changes. Approval of its July 17, 2013 minutes for the BCA Board Work Session was deferred until the next meeting. Director Malek would like this latter set of minutes to state that the Club Source Design presentation was not what was expected by the BCA Board.

President's Report

President O'Hanley reported that to-date four neighborhoods (Planters Wood, Heritage Woods, Court Ridge and Thornridge) have been visited so far during the "Manager's Walkabout" tours which have included Community Manager John Bailey, BCA Board President Joan O'Hanley, Community Character Chair Dianne Cardea and NRC Chair Mamie McNeal. The team has seen first-hand how heavily wooded areas affect the condition of neighborhood properties, often resulting in mildew, mold and poor roof conditions. President O'Hanley noted that the top priority garnered from the tours is to landscape and beautify.

The Board wants residents to know that they can cut trees less than 6" in diameter [at a point 2' above ground level] without seeking formal approval by the ARB. President O'Hanley also noted that the Board and staff are trying to develop a more lenient policy regarding the removal of larger trees. She noted that this would necessitate a change in the covenants regarding tree removal and thus require a 75% approval vote by referendum of the members. She expressed that community would need to decide if this is worth doing. She asked members to email their opinions regarding the need for such a referendum to her at

President O'Hanley next commended the Brandermill maintenance staff and cited several incidents that demonstrated their helpful actions toward the residents that have gone far beyond the basic maintenance tasks they are assigned. In one instance, the maintenance staff helped an injured resident who had fallen on a bridge, and in another they helped a family retrieve car keys that had fallen into the lake. She noted that the work trimming the understory along Millridge Parkway has been completed and stated that this work will continue along other major Brandermill roadways.

She also informed the members that Buddy Whitfield, the longtime chair of the Finance Committee, has announced his resignation. She thanked Mr. Whitfield on behalf of the BCA Board for his valuable service to the community and commented that the community would not be in its current good financial position if not for Mr. Whitfield's push to fully fund the Reserve Fund.

Treasurer's Report

Treasurer Francis Hillman commented on the financial report (see pages 7-12 of August 5, 2013 BCA Board Packet). She noted that our revenues are a little less than budgeted and operating costs are a little more than budgeted, but added that we still netted out in good financial condition. She stated that employee costs are running significantly under-budget due to the conversion of a full-time position to a part-time one. She also pointed out that the money set aside for the Reserve Fund will go into the Reserve Fund for the 2013 budget year.

Community Manager's Report

Manager Bailey reported that development of the 2014 budget is underway. He stated that they will be meeting with the Finance Committee in September to discuss the proposed budget and that those dates will be announced in The Village Mill and on the BCA web site.

He reported that "walkabouts" have been conducted in Heritage Woods, Planters Woods, Court Ridge and Thornridge neighborhoods. He informed residents that the next planned walkabouts will occur in the neighborhoods of Five Springs, Litchfield Bluffs, Long Shadow, Gleneagles, Old Fox, Poplar Grove, Northwich, Pebble Creek, Winterberry Ridge and McTyre's Cove during the month of August.

Manager Bailey informed the members that he has terminated the current landscape maintenance contract, but the contractor will be required to complete maintenance in nine of our gateway areas by August 20, 2013. The contractor will not be paid for the September-December 2013 period, resulting in a savings of $31,500. He also reported that he had met with a potential temporary landscape contractor to complete the maintenance during the last four months of 2013. The firm quoted just over $17,600 to maintain the nine major gateways and intersections for the balance of the year, resulting in a savings of roughly $12,800 over the existing contract. Manager Bailey noted that this temporary contract will only cover maintenance of the nine major gateway areas from September through December 2013. The maintenance contracts for the entrances to the neighborhoods will be reworked over the winter months. He also stated that Brandermill has secured the services of a temporary workforce to clear the understory along the major parkways. This work is in its second week and will continue along the major roadways as funding permits. The next area to be worked will be along Genito Road near the reservoir. It will take 30 days to schedule the start of this work after he gives the go-ahead.

Manager Bailey next informed the BCA Board that Brandermill had issued two new types of pool passes. The first is a "multi-use pass" that allows seven uses of the pools for $35. The BCA has sold a total of 56 of these passes, generating revenues of $1,960. The second type of new pool membership is an "end of summer" pool pass of which three have been sold to-date, generating revenues of $395. He reported that the rates for "end of summer pool" passes, which run from the beginning of August through Labor Day are $150 for a family, $115 for a couple, $100 for a single, $105 for a senior couple and $95 for a senior single.

With regards to the new website, Manager Bailey reported that content is still being developed and a soft launch is scheduled for Thursday, August 15, 2013. "Kinks" will then be worked out, and a full launch is scheduled for September 9, 2013.

Manager Bailey reported the most recent hearing regarding the marina involving the Brandermill Inn took place on August 2, 2013. The judge continued the request for summary judgment. The next date for the continuance will most likely be set for the latter part of August or early September.

He then reminded the members that National Night out is set for tomorrow night, August 6, 2013. He reminded members to look for lots of police and neighborhood watch activity.

Lastly, he informed the members that Brandermill has arranged with Brandermill Country Club to offer a "Community Golf Day" on August 20, 2013, with a shotgun start at 1:00 p.m. The cost will be $50 per golfer, and the funds will go towards addressing the joint issues involving golf cart paths and walking trails that affect both Brandermill and the Country Club.

Director Reports

There were no Director Reports, however, Director Hillman asked if clearing of the understory along Millridge Parkway had been completed. Manager Bailey answered that it had been completed and that work on Brandermill Parkway has begun.

Director Hillman commented that there were 53 ARB applications for improvements to properties. She noted that this was great because it represents an approximate 20% increase from July of last year, indicating that members are fixing up their properties.

Committee Reports

NRC Chair Mamie McNeal took the opportunity to remind members that the next NRC meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 15, 2013. She strongly encouraged members to attend to hear Community Manager Bailey talk about the new budget process. She noted that this is an opportunity for members to understand how the budget is determined, including how projects are selected, funded and proposed to the BCA board. She also shared, as the NRC Rep from Planter's Wood, that her neighborhood would be holding a Night Out tomorrow evening (August 6, 2013). She invited all to come and join the residents of Planter's Wood.

Member Voice

Warren Ragsdale (Huntsbridge) noted that Channel 6 had released a story regarding the Brandermill property cited for a covenant violation due to a vegetable garden in the front yard. He stated that he had been informed that Manager Bailey had been instructed by the BCA Board to not speak to the media. He then asked if we might need to appoint someone from the BCA Board to talk to the press. He asked members to consider how we might possibly fund improvements on the pools without raising assessments. He also asked if Brandermill owned the office building used to house Staff and if it might be possible to leverage our equity in the BCA building to fund renovation of the pools. He feels that we need to get moving, that his property values were not going up fast enough!

Jim Schrecengost (Timber Ridge) spoke to encourage strict enforcement of the Brandermill covenants and standards. He expressed his belief that compromising on the Residential Design Standards ran the risk of decreasing property values. He also noted that he looked upon a lack of covenant enforcement as a breach of contract by the BCA with its members, and that failure to strictly enforce the covenant standards is breaking a promise to the residents of Brandermill.

Rainey Niklawski (Huntsbridge) shared that she picked Brandermill because of all it has to offer. She asked the BCA Board to not discourage gardening. She noted that the younger generation of homeowners wants to grow its own food. She expressed her belief that potential young homebuyers would view Brandermill more desirable, if they are allowed to grow gardens. She pointed out that some properties do not have sufficient sunlight in the back yard to grow gardens and encouraged the BCA Board to allow gardening in the front yards in order to improve home values.

Betsy Bolling (Fortune's Ridge) shared that she has been a resident of Brandermill for 30 years. She pointed out that Brandermill has standards and covenants and said that those who don't want to abide by the existing covenants should not have moved to Brandermill. She agreed that those covenants and standards need to be reviewed and revised, but emphasized that residents are obliged to abide by the covenants that are currently in place.

Manager Bailey responded to Warren Ragsdale's comments by saying that the BCA Board had only directed him not to speak to Channel 6 on-air. He noted that he had spent 30 minutes with the reporter in the conference room, explaining the entire ARB process in reviewing applications. He emphasized that he did talk to the media and that he had only declined to speak to them on-air. He also informed the members that Brandermill does own the office building housing the BCA staff, but he has not yet determined the value of the property.

Appeal of ARB Decision Regarding the Vegetable Garden in the Front Yard of 4905 Court Ridge Terrace

Manager Bailey presented background on this case, noting that the original citation of the Residential Design Standards violation pertaining to the front yard garden occurred in March 2011. Manager Bailey reported that the owner, Mr. Gilson, had presented a plan for the garden to the ARB in 2012, which had been denied by the ARB. This same process occurred in the spring on 2013, again resulting in denial of the landscape plan by the ARB. An appeal was submitted to the ARB and was again denied approval by the ARB under the current Residential Design Standards. Manager Bailey indicated that Mr. Gilson then decided to appeal the ARB decision directly to the BCA Board, as is provided under BCA governing documents.

President O'Hanley then called for a motion to consider Mr. Gilson's appeal to the BCA Board. Director Davis moved that the appeal be accepted, and the motion was seconded. Manager Bailey suggested that Chris Gilson be afforded the opportunity to make a statement.

Mr. Gilson began by giving an overview of the history of the citation. He noted that on April 22, 2012, he received a violation letter indicating that the planting beds needed to be weeded and mulched. He asserted that the letter said nothing about the garden being in violation of the Residential Design Standards. Continuing, Mr. Gilson stated that the April 22, 2012 letter did indicate that he needed to apply for approval from the ARB to have a raised planting bed in the front yard. He then received another letter dated May 10, 2012 requiring him to appear before the Hearing Panel to review his application for a raised planting bed. Mr. Gilson said that he then spoke with Julann Talty, Community Standards Director, regarding this letter. He asserted that she indicated that his appearance before the Hearing Panel regarding the raised planting bed should resolve the citation. Both he and his wife appeared before the Hearing Panel and was advised that all issues had been resolved but that he would need to go to the ARB for approval of the raised planting bed.

He indicated that there was no mention of a "garden" so he thought the garden was not an issue. The residents then re-applied to the ARB for approval of the planting bed and received a letter advising non-approval of the application and asking him to please remove the garden. On May 9, 2013, Mr. Gilson stated that he received a letter stating that he needed to remove the raised planting bed, but that the letter did not say anything about the garden. Mr. Gilson asserted that he received a letter two weeks later, advising him that he would also need to remove the garden. He claimed that when he called Julann Talty for clarification as to why the garden had been added to the letter requiring him to remove the raised planting bed, she advised him that it was "just semantics" and that both the ARB and Community Standards had meant both the raised bed and the other parts of the garden all along.

Mr. Gilson stated that he had never been told about the appeals process, noting that he felt this was a big communication gap between the BCA and Brandermill residents. He was glad that the appeals process had been clarified and that it would be better communicated to residents.

President O'Hanley then called for discussion and asked each Director to make a comment.

Director Blom began by questioning why a member of the ARB had not been invited to comment during this appeal to the BCA Board. He noted that the compromise being offered at this meeting was not something the ARB had considered and that what was being suggested to the BCA Board had never been presented to the ARB. Director Blom clarified that currently there is no prohibition of vegetable gardens in the Residential Design Standards, but rather the Standards required that all significant changes to the landscape be approved by the ARB. He noted that if a vegetable garden had been presented in a way that met the requirements of the Residential Design Standards, the garden would have been approved. He closed by saying that grandfathering the garden for a second year and proposing that it be allowed for Mr. Gilson going forward in such a way that did not require review by the ARB was a serious mistake. Director Blom also thought it would be grave mistake if the BCA Board were to change the Standards as to not have the ARB review plantings.

Director Hillman stated that she supported Director Blom's position. She believes gardens, all gardens, required approval by the ARB. She also noted that she had seen front yard vegetable gardens that were incorporated into the landscaping in such a way that it was hard to know they were there, hence she feels gardens could be incorporated into the landscape in such a way that they would be fine. She noted that when she looked at the Gilson garden, it appeared to her to look more like a garden that happened to be in the front yard than like something that had been designed. She also reminded the members that Brandermill offered space at Heritage Farms where residents can grow vegetables. She noted that there is enough space to expand the space at Heritage Farms if more residents wished to grow gardens. She believes that approval of gardens needs to be done by the ARB and that there are ways to incorporate vegetables into a design so they looked fine.

Director Bettin stated he would have concerns about a neighbor having a garden in the front yard because he had images of corn growing there. He said he liked the terms of the compromise and indicated that he would like to find a way that Mr. Gilson could grow, for example, herbs, tomatoes and flowers, and that at the end of the growing season, the area would be raked and mulched. He stated that he did not like to be in the position of saying "no" to a resident wanting a garden and who enjoyed it with his family. He noted that he wanted to see a compromise that would allow Mr. Gilson to have a garden but to have rules put into place that would be fair to all of his neighbors and other Brandermill residents.

Director Leonard stated that he felt the ARB should have the say in the approval of landscaping and felt that gardens could be designed in ways that are very nice. He suggested that Brandermill establish a "set of designs" for acceptable gardens that all Brandermill residents could use as guidelines for acceptable gardens.

President O'Hanley said that she agreed with much of what had already been stated. She noted that she would not want to see a pumpkin patch, rows of corn or teepees for bean plants in a neighbor's front yard. However, she felt that gardens are "self-limiting" and can be done in such a way that vegetables can be incorporated into the front yard landscape and be barely noticeable. She emphasized that going forward garden designs needed to be approved. She also noted that she had sympathy for the Gilson/Collier home because there is very little back yard and no space behind the home to have a garden.

Director Malek shared prepared remarks regarding the matter. He noted that he read the Residential Design Standards and found the Standards to be vague. He believes that the Standards need to be revised to more specifically designate what is allowed. He noted that he could find no language in the Design Standards prohibiting front yard gardens. He then read the compromise which had been proposed to Mr. Gilson and to which Mr. Gilson had agreed to and accepted. Director Malek emphasized that the compromise is meant to be specific to the Gilson property and in no way does it apply to other gardens in Brandermill. He reiterated that we need to rework the Residential Design Standards regarding vegetable gardens as they apply to all gardens.

Director Davis said that he agreed with the remarks made by Directors Bettin and Malek. He stated that the BCA Board had been handed a "hot potato" and that he did not think the Board wanted to be a "Board of no's". Although Director Davis feels that the Residential Design Standards needs to be reviewed and updated, he did agree with the specific language in the compromise proposed by Director Malek for Mr. Gilson and moved to approve the compromise. This motion was seconded, and President O'Hanley called for discussion on the compromise.

Director Hillman then asked for clarification as to the timeframe for the compromise. She asked if the compromise was only for this year and did not apply to anything going forward beyond this year. Director Malek responded that the compromise would grandfather the Gilson garden for this year only and that the compromise requires "all gardens shall be appropriately mulched and weeded throughout the year and cleared at the end of growing season." He reiterated that no one wants rows of corn in the yard and that the language of the Design Standards needs to be revised to include specifics on which vegetable plants are allowable.

Director Hillman asked if this is not what the ARB is tasked with doing when they approve proposed designs. Director Malek responded that minor changes do not require ARB approval, and Director Hillman said that she did not consider a front yard garden to be a minor change.

Director Blom disclosed that his wife serves as a member of the ARB. He noted that the BCA attorney had advised that this did not represent a conflict of interest. Director Blomn noted that if the motion were split, he could vote for rescinding the fines and for grandfathering the Gilson garden for 2013 but not beyond [2013]. He stated that he has confidence in the ARB and noted that the ARB approves gardens and landscaping plans all the time. He believes the Gilson garden should be subject to the same standards as everyone else beyond 2013. For that reason, he stated that he would oppose the motion as proposed.

Director Malek questioned Director Blom for not recusing himself from the vote. He asked Manager Bailey for clarification. Manager Bailey stated that the BCA attorney had advised that there was no conflict of interest in this case because the specific case did not affect Director Blom's family, there were no pecuniary gains, and it did not involve his particular lot.

Director Davis felt there might be a "perception" of a conflict of interest. Director Bettin stated that he knows Director Blom to be an honest man, that Director Blom makes informed decisions, and that if Director Blom was comfortable with voting on this issue, he was fine with it.

The motion to accept the language of the compromise was approved with a 5:2 vote with Directors Blom and Hillman opposed.

On the motion to grant Mr. Gilson an appeal, six Directors voted to grant the appeal; Director Blom abstained.

Consideration of a Change to the BCA Bylaws

President O'Hanley led a discussion on a motion by Director Leonard at a June 2013 BCA meeting where he had proposed that the BCA bylaws be changed requiring members of the BCA Board reside in Brandermill. Manager Bailey advised that the BCA attorney had advised against restrictions on board requirements such as a residency requirement but also advised that a residency requirement is legal. (See page 39 of the August 5, 2013 BCA Board Packet.)

Director Leonard agreed to amend the wording of his June 2013 motion to say, "A BCA Board member must be a member of the Brandermill Community Association and reside in Brandermill." The suggested "in good standing" requirement was excluded from the motion.

Director Hillman questioned whether this would preclude a commercial property owner from being a BCA Board director. She also asked what problem the BCA Board might be trying to solve with this motion to amend. Director Leonard responded that it was a problem for him that an owner not living in Brandermill could be a Board member. He offered his opinion that the current language governing requirements for Board membership were designed by East West Realty to cover the start-up of Brandermill when the original Board members were corporate officers and did not live in Brandermill.

During Member Voice portion of this proposed change, Mrs. Dennis Lacy, who lives in Powhattan but owns a home and a business in Brandermill, voiced her concern that she would be precluded from having a voice on the Board. She advised that the Board should work for the community and stop the nitpicking.

The motion passed 5:2, with Directors O'Hanley and Hillman opposing.

Consideration of Next Steps Regarding the Pools

Director Blom presented the four recommendations of the PARC Committee as motions to be considered by the BCA Board.
1. Director Blom moved that it be the policy of the BCA Board that all Brandermill owners and tenants should have options for accessing the Brandermill pools regardless of whether or not they have purchased full season passes. Starting with the 2014 pool season, the Community Manager is directed to make available to all Brandermill owners and tenants one-day pool passes and such other options that the Community Manager deems appropriate. Pricing for the one-day passes and such other options as may be created should be compatible with full season pool memberships in a manner that will present fairly priced options for residents while still encouraging maximum purchase of full season pool memberships.

Director Blom noted that the BCA had recently broken a long-standing precedent that members could only access the pools through a full season pass. He advised that a motion was required to make this official policy. The motion generated very little discussion, was called to question and was passed on a unanimous vote.
2. Director Blom moved that the BCA Board adopts the recommendation of the PARC Committee that the BCA will continue to operate all three existing pools for the foreseeable future.

Director Blom said that this motion addressed the need to put the question to rest for at least the next couple of years as to whether we would or would not continue to operate all three pools. This motion passed 6:1, with Director Leonard opposing. Director Leonard stated that he needed to get feedback from the residents before voting on pool issues.
3. Director Blom moved that the BCA Board directs the Community Manager to set fees for the 2014 pool season that prices a full season family pass at no more than $220 and no less than $120. The Community Manager is encouraged to determine the exact fee within this range that will produce maximum revenue by means of appropriate market research. Furthermore, it will be within the purview of the Community Manager to determine whether season passes should be offered for couples, singles, and/or seniors at a discounted rate from the family rate and, if so, at what price.

Director Blom noted that this motion addressed the pricing structure of the pools and that family, single, and/or senior memberships should be considered. The motion was seconded by Director Hillman put to discussion. Director Blom noted that if we get down to $150 for a full season family pass, he would consider Brandermill "nearing universal pool access".

President O'Hanley noted that the $200 price point seems to be good for younger families. She indicated that three different young families had given her this input. Director Malek then questioned the need to name a price point. Director Blom answered that the motion didn't name a price point, but rather set a pricing range for the Community Manager in which to work. He also noted that lowering the pricing was an alternative to going to universal pool access. Director Leonard questioned how lowering the pricing would affect revenue and operating costs. Director Hillman noted that at a price point of $200 for a family membership, we would need to double the number of memberships that we are currently selling to match revenue. Blom responded that we may not need to double the number of full season family memberships sold if we continue to offer other types of less than "full season" passes or memberships.

President O'Hanley opened the discussion to Member Voice.

Bob Pratt (Timber Ridge) who has been a member since 1976 asked if this is a back way of coming to universal pool access. He noted that it scared him.

Warren Ragsdale (Huntsbridge) asked if a person needed to be either a homeowner or resident to buy a pool membership. Director Blom responded that there is no requirement of residency or ownership to buy a pool pass or membership. None of these motions changed that.

Betsy Bolling (Fortune's Ridge) stated her opinion that members should be able to vote on universal pool access. She asked why the BCA Board is voting on these recommendations when the residents haven’t voted on universal pool access.

Mel Burton (Shallowford Landing) stated that we run a risk of cutting revenues by cutting membership fees so drastically. He advised that we cut the fees to $300 annually rather than to $200. Director Davis responded by offering his opinion that the proposed pricing is a gamble. He noted that if we don't raise membership numbers, then we might not need three pools.

George Lawson (Hunstbridge) stated that he agrees with a two-year process proposed in the motions by Director Blom to open the pools to increase membership by lowering the fee structure and by improving the quality of the pools. He went on to say that he agreed with resident Betsy Bolling that whatever direction the board recommends at the end of the two years that it be put to a referendum vote of the membership.

Steve Russek (McTyre's Cove) noted that Director Blom is moving things with his motions. He offered his opinion that pools are key to good property values and creating a sense of community (especially among the young people). He believes that people are leaving the community for pools in other communities. He advised moving forward with the motions to get a solution underway.

Chris Crews (Court Ridge) advised the BCA Board to provide the members with an opportunity to vote on a solution to the pools. She noted that she has heard lots of discussion but not seen the issue brought to a referendum.

Rainey Niklawski (Huntsbridge) asked if we are moving toward universal pool access and how we were moving to paying dues for community pool access.

The BCA Board answered that was not the case at this time. This motion brought to a vote, passing with a vote of 6 in favor and one abstention.
4. Director Blom moved that the Community Manager be authorized to proceed as quickly as possible and without further BCA Board action to implement the maintenance and safety upgrades the pool requires that can be completed with funding from the Reserve Fund.

Director Leonard asked if this related to the proposed RFP; Director Davis and President O'Hanley replied in the negative. Director Malek said he could not support this motion, as he felt this should be in the purview of the Communty Manager with Board guidance. Director Blom agreed to withdraw the motion.
Given that Douglas Aquatics would be visiting all three pools on Wednesday, August 7, 2013, Director Davis felt that the BCA Board should wait to hear what work needs to be done to the pools before passing this motion. Review by this firm would tell the BCA Board specifically what work needs to be done to each of the pools. Director Hillman agreed.

Director Hillman asked how the Douglas Aquatics pool review would impact a proposed pool request for proposal ("RFP") to actually get the work done. Manager Bailey replied that the review would offer some specificity as to the work required to be done.

Director Davis stated that he understood the firm would "kick the tires on the three pools and give us [the BCA Board] their opinion as to generally what needs to be done". He felt it would be better to get the review from Douglas Aquatics before considering this motion, however he did not feel that the BCA Board could not afford to “waste” the rest of August before moving forward with some pool decisions and generating a RFP. He hence recommended that the BCA Board hold a special work session later this month to discuss the Douglas Aquatics review.

Director Malek explained to the meeting attendees that Douglas Aquatics, the firm which renovated the Country Club's pool, has been asked by the BCA to review our three pools. He explained that the BCA Board is considering renovation of the pools, one at a time. This firm is to advise the BCA Board on what specifics need to be done on each of the pools themselves so that the BCA Board and Community Manager could be armed with information on which a RFP can be issued to have the work done. He commented that the RFP could also include upgrades to the restrooms, although Douglas Aquatics would not necessarily be reviewing that aspect of the pool areas.

President O'Hanley noted that our most recent reserve study indicates that plastering at the North Beach facility is due to be redone. The cost to do this is approximately $41,000, and the monies are already available in the Reserve Fund. She stated that the life expectancy of pools is approximately 50 years, and our pools are approaching their 40th birthdays.

Member Voice

Sherry Blom (Promontory Pointe) noted that she had visited all three pools this summer and stated that all three pools are in disrepair. Manager Bailey responded that extensive maintenance on all three pools would begin after Labor Day (September 3, 2013) and will be funded from the Reserve Fund.

Proposed Changes to the Residential Design Standards

Assistant Community Manager Al Raimo covered the Executive Summary (see page 39 of August 5, 2013 BCA Board Packet) of the proposed Residential Design changes (pages 40-59 of August 5, 2013 BCA Board Packet). He stated that the proposed changes to the Residential Design Standards was in no way a complete review of the Standards, but rather suggested changes to effect the three items stated inthe Executive Summary.

Manager Bailey said that these changes were presented tonight so that the Directors would have a chance to review them before voting on the changes.

Director Hillman noted that she had found the document difficult to read, as there was not enough color contrast [used to denote edits] to identify the proposed changes. She asked if the changes had been reviewed by the ARB. Assistant Manager Raimo answered in the affirmative.

Director Hillman stated that she felt the undertone of the changes placed many of the decisions on BCA Staff, rather than ARB members whom she felt were better qualified to make design decisions. Assistant Manager Raimo responded that these changes were necessitated by the fact that the BCA no longer has an architect taking an extensive role in reviewing all applications. He also noted that the architect will continue to review proposed construction, making sure it meets the requirements, but a proposed fence design would not require an architect’s review. In the case of a fence application, for example, a staff member would review the application for conformity to the Design Standards.

Director Leonard moved that the BCA Board vote to change the timeline for submitting applications to the ARB (item #2 of the Executive Summary, page 39 of the August 5, 2013 Board Packet), so that it could be enacted in September 2013. This motion changes application deadlines to the ARB to eight days before the ARB meets to discuss the application: "This new timeline will allow for administrative review and time for BCA staff to communicate with the resident on information missing that would prevent the ARB from making a decision." The motion was seconded by Director Hillman.

Member Voice

Betsy Bolling (Fortune's Ridge) said it was a "good idea" and supported the motion.

The motion passed by a vote of 6 in favor. Director Davis, who was absent from the room, abstained.

Mark Your Calendar: NRC Meeting

Posted August 14, 2013 at 4:56 PM
NRC Meeting
Thursday, August 15, 2013
7:00 p.m.
Brandermill Woods

Community Manager John "J.B." Bailey will be presenting Brandermill's new budget process to residents. Other agenda items include: how NRC Reps can help their neighbors update their mailboxes, changes to the Residential Design Standards, and J.B.'s walkabouts in Brandermill neighborhoods.

Information Packet for August 5, 2013 BCA Board Meeting

Posted August 2, 2013 at 3:24 PM
The information packet for the upcoming BCA Board meeting is now available for downloading. Please note that changes to BCA By-Laws and to the Residential Design Standards are on the Board's agenda. (The existing version of the Residential Design Standards may be downloaded from the BCA web site.) The BCA Board will also hear an appeal for a front-yard garden.

We encourage residents to attend BCA Board meetings to learn of Brandermill "happenings". For a quick snapshot of what the BCA Board will be discussing, read the attached agenda.