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Road and Parking Restrictions Before and During the July 4th Fireworks Display

Posted June 21, 2014 at 6:59 AM
Message courtesy of Brandermill Community Association
Under the direction of the Chesterfield County Police and Fire Marshal’s Office, beginning 5:00 p.m. until 9:45 p.m. on July 4th, access to Millridge Parkway will be limited to Brandermill residents and their guests who display valid resident hangtags on their vehicles, a valid driver’s license with a Brandermill address or patrons of The Boathouse restaurant with proof of reservations. No parking will be allowed on Millridge Parkway during these times.

Parking within the neighborhoods surrounding Sunday Park will be restricted to only one side of the street. Brandermill residents may obtain their vehicular hangtags for themselves or their guests from the BCA office during business hours. Proof of residency may be required.

NRC Comment: Facilitate your travel along Millridge Parkway during July 4th celebrations, stop by the BCA office and pick up your vehicular hangtags. BCA business hours are currently Monday through Thursday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Volunteers Needed for "40 Hands" Project

Posted June 21, 2014 at 6:59 AM
While brainstorming ideas for our 40th Anniversary activities, it was suggested that we look at the Master Plan's recommended projects. The one that stood out was found in Chapter 7, p. 281, which recommended that volunteers help a property owner who needs assistance with landscaping and outside maintenance. These property owners would be residents who, for reasons beyond their control, cannot do this work or are not financially able to pay to have it done.

We have found two properties that would qualify for assistance and are now looking for 20 people ("40 hands") with gardening tools who could help us with these two properties on the morning of June 28 from 8-11 a.m. If you can help, please e-mail Joan O'Hanley at

Lightning Safety Awareness Week

Posted June 21, 2014 at 6:59 AM
Message courtesy of CERT Program, Chesterfield Fire & EMS
Lightning Safety Awareness Week is June 22-28,2014. We are expecting hazardous weather this afternoon and evening. Please take a moment to read some great tips on lightning safety.

If your children participate in outdoor activities and sports, please take an opportunity to discuss with your child, the coaches and parents the importance of lightning safety.

Make sure you have your weather radios on and listen for weather alerts!

NRC Committee Meeting

Posted June 13, 2014 at 3:26 PM
NRC Meeting
Monday, June 16, 2014
7:00 p.m.
Harbour Pointe Clubhouse
Agenda items include:
  • “40 Hands” Work Party: Lending 40 Helping Hands to Our Neighbors Needing Assistance
  • Membership Plan: Goal to Increase NRC Representation and Effectiveness
  • Update and Discussion of Home-Based Businesses: Discussion of BCA Board and Staff Plan
  • Update on Committee Restructure
Mark your calendars and come join us!

Highlights of June 2, 2014 BCA Board Meeting

Posted June 7, 2014 at 9:26 AM
Important Note: The below highlights are reported based on unofficial notes taken by NRC representatives who attended the above BCA meeting. Although we believe the below reporting is reliable and strive for accuracy, we cannot assure 100% accuracy. It is recommended to all readers that they read the approved BCA Board Meeting minutes when published.

President’s Report

President Davis reported that VDOT is currently making efforts to perform slurry seal treatment on the roads in Brandermill. He also reported that Director Bettin has been working closely with the ARB and Brandermill Woods to keep the $50 million expansion and renovation project moving forward.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Hillman submitted an update on the current year budget (see pages 7-9 of June 2, 2014 BCA Board packet). She noted that salaries are slightly below budget, ad revenues for The Village Mill are down, Repairs and Maintenance are over budget, Legal Fees are behind, Postage is behind due to the survey and Pool Management is behind. She noted that income is just a bit behind.

Director Leonard asked why the marina income is behind. Manager Bailey answered that we currently have three slips empty.

Director Bettin thanked Treasurer Hillman for updating the BCA Board on the budget every month.

Treasurer Hillman asked what is being done about mailboxes that still haven’t been converted. Director Malek responded that the Hearing Panel is dealing with these as quickly as possible and are addressing the most serious first. Manager Bailey noted that the total number of unconverted mailboxes is down to 103 from about 250 in January.

Director Leonard then asked about unconverted mailboxes on homes that are bank owned.

Manager’s Report

Manager Bailey reported that Mr. Cox’s appeal to the BCA Board regarding his lamp post was being resolved. He reported that Cox has met with the ARB, and the ARB has given him several acceptable options which he is now considering.

Manager Bailey reported that North Beach and St. Ledger’s Pools had opened on time and that Harbour Pointe pool will open on time. He reported that pool attendants will be able to scan member ID cards this season and that this would give the Association much better data than in the past.

He also reported that landscaping efforts are underway and that there are a few spots which have not been completed.

Manager Bailey reminded members the parking passes will be mailed and that these will be needed to gain access to the controlled areas during the July 4th celebrations. He reminded members that the fire marshal is requiring that fewer vehicles be parked on the streets during this celebration. Security attendants will be checking for parking passes and only admitting members and their guests to the controlled areas provided they display a parking pass. He encouraged members to spread the word regarding the need to have a parking pass.

Member Voice

Kit Kavanagh (Hunstsbridge) expressed concern about the condition of the Harbour Pointe Clubhouse. She reported that she wants to rent it for an event but would be embarrassed by the condition of the parking lot. She noted also that the sidewalk is crumbling and that the patio needs work. She asked the board to address these issues.

Kelly Brady (Muirfield Green) suggested that the pools need more tables. She noted that a lot of old furniture had been removed, but much less new furniture had been added to replace it. She noted that both North Beach and St. Ledger’s pools need more furniture; especially tables.

Warren Ragsdale (Huntsbridge) reported that his street had been repainted. He also encouraged the Directors to speak up so that members attending the meeting can hear.

Community Grant Request by Muirfield Green Place

Tara Wagner (Muirfield Green) spoke representing the members of Muirfield Green Place who are requesting a community grant to improve the condition of the open space in their cul de sac. Wagner reported that residents of the neighborhood had met with the ARB, and she gave a brief summary of the concerns expressed by the ARB. She noted that these concerns all dealt with budget and safety issues and questioned if these were the responsibility of the ARB.

She reminded the Directors that residents of Muirfield Green Place are requesting a community grant of $3,247 to install a play structure, a picnic table, a planting bed and mulch. They are also recommending that a retaining wall be installed at the lower end of the open space and that trees be removed and changes made in vegetation.

President Davis asked how many families live in Muirfield Green, to which Wagner answered about 50. President Davis asked how many families are supporting the project for which the grant is being requested. Wagner answered that 13 families are supporting the grant request project.

Director Leonard then asked what type of equipment would be installed and if the type of equipment in their planning allowed by the State? Wagner answered that the equipment they had planned to install is not commercial grade.

Craig Hammitt (Muirfield Green) spoke to say that issues such as building materials and liability must have been answered since they already apply to other BCA open spaces. He urged the board to make a decision since the request for grant money had been made in April.

Director Blom asked the BCA Board to consider if approval would set a precedent. He noted that this question was one that had been raised by the ARB. This question brought responses from both Tara Wagner and Director Hillman. Both noted that there are existing community parks that are open to all residents. Wagner emphasized that the Brandermill Master Plan called for more community parks such as the one they are requesting.

Director Hillman responded to a question regarding community grants by saying that the original idea of community grants was for the neighborhoods to supply the labor and the grants to provide funding for materials. She noted that the purpose of the community grant program is to enhance the neighborhoods.

Director Blom inquired about the initial cost to construct the park in Sagewood. Director Hillman answered that the cost of that park was between $15,000 and $20,000. Director Blom noted that Brandermill seems to lack a strategic plan for additional community parks.

Director Bettin noted that he liked the idea of a group that wants to improve their neighborhood.

President Davis noted that the existing group is a very small subgroup of Muirfield Green. He expressed the opinion that if every subgroup comes in with a grant request, the costs could get out of control.

Director Hillman made a motion to approve the funding. She stipulated that the construction needs to be commercial grade and approved by the ARB. Director Blom seconded.

Director Pearson asked if the work would be contracted out. Manager Bailey and the residents of Muirfield Green responded that the labor would be provided by volunteers and Brandermill staff.

President Davis made a substitute motion to commit the requested funding provided that residents pay for anything over the requested amount.

The question of oversight for the project was considered. It was agreed that the Manager would have oversight.

Director Bettin made a second substitute motion to agree to the grant request for $3,247, provided a plan is submitted and the BCA Board approves a formal plan.

Director Blom finalized the motion to approve $3,250 of community grant money, the project not to proceed until a formal plan is approved by the community manager. The grant money would not include the cost of BCA staff hours, the cost of tree removal or the cost of a retaining wall, if necessary. The residents would then bear any additional cost over the approved amount.

This motion was seconded and passed with five Directors in agreement. Director Leonard was opposed, and Director Pearson abstained.

Report on Pool Projects and Consideration of Funding Needs

Manager Bailey gave a brief update on the pool work and funding to-date. He requested approval of $68,000 additional funding from the Capital Replacement Fund (see pages 13-20 of June 2,2014 BCA Board packet). Of this amount, $15,000 would go for additional repairs and improvements, more furniture and landscaping; $18,000 would be for an overlay of the parking lot at North Beach; and $35,000 would go for repairs and an overlay of the parking lot at the Harbour Pointe Pool and Clubhouse.

Director Pearson asked if the recommended overlays of the parking lot areas were primarily cosmetic or if they were functional. Manager Bailey responded that they are primarily cosmetic but noted that the paved areas at North Beach and Harbour Pointe are breaking up, detracting from the overall quality of the pools. He reminded the Directors that the Harbour Pointe Clubhouse is also served by the paved parking areas at that pool and reminded them that the clubhouse is an important meeting location for the Association.

In response to another question from Director Pearson, Manager Bailey stressed that all of the recommended paving work is to refurbish or resurface existing paved areas. He noted that no new areas would be paved. All areas currently in gravel will remain graveled.

Director Leonard questioned why the Directors are considering additional requests to approve funding at this time towards the cost of the pools. He noted that he had understood that the BCA Board had agreed to focus on North Beach Pool only.

Manager Bailey responded that the money in the Capital Replacement Fund is designated for upkeep of the parking areas at the pools and must be spent on that maintenance.

Director Bettin responded that the BCA Board had agreed to do maintenance on all of the pools and to make upgrades only at North Beach.

Director Blom also responded that there is money in the Capital Replacement Fund for the upkeep of the pools which had not been used appropriately.

President Davis stressed that this will be the last time this year that the BCA Board will consider additional funding to be spent on the pools. Manager Bailey agreed that this will be the last request for pool funding for this summer cycle.

Director Hillman expressed concern about the quantity and quality of furniture. She asked if we had enough. She also noted that the new furniture does not look like it's high quality. She stated that the plastic chairs look cheap.

Manager Bailey responded to a question from the Directors regarding the number of chaise lounges at all three pools. He noted that we had kept 77.

Director Bettin made a motion to approve spending $68,000 from the Capital Replacement Fund for the recommended improvements and maintenance on the pools. It was seconded.

Manager Bailey responded to a question from Director Blom as to why we were not considering the cost to overlay or seal coat the lot at St. Ledger’s at this point. Manager Bailey noted that he had not made this request because it would require closing the pool.

The motion was called and approved by a vote of 6:1, with Director Leonard opposing the motion.

Consideration of Change to Commercial Design Standards regarding Signage at Market Square

Manager Bailey explained that the change is due to a request from the Chesterfield Learning Center which is moving into Market Square. The proposed change to the Standards will allow them to take advantage of their existing sign. (See pages 21-25 of June 2, 2014 BCA Board packet.)

A motion to accept the changes to the Commercial Design Standards was made and seconded. It passed unanimously.

Consideration of Advertising Agreement with the Chesterfield Observer

Director Pearson explained that, as part of his agreement to sell his publishing businesses, including the Chesterfield Observer and the Chesterfield Monthly magazine, he had stipulated the condition that the Brandermill Community Association receives $60,000 of free advertising in these publications. He noted that the BCA could use this for any type of free advertising with two exceptions. He noted that any advertising costs over $60,000 would be paid by the BCA and that any costs for photography to be done by the publications be paid by the BCA. He noted that the BCA has almost three years to use this $60,000 worth of free advertising. (See pages 25-27 of June 2, 2014 BCA Board packet.)

President Davis thanked Director Pearson for this extremely generous offer and encouraged the Community Manager to give thought to how best to maximize the effectiveness of this advertising.

Director Malek moved that the BCA Board accept this advertising agreement with the Chesterfield Observer. The motion was seconded, and it passed with a 6:0 vote, with Director Pearson abstaining.