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Last Chance!

Posted October 30, 2015 at 2:25 PM
This upcoming BCA Board meeting (November 2, 2015) is your last chance to make a statement in a public forum about the 2016 budget. The Directors will hear members' comments, deliberate and vote on Brandermill's 2016 Recommended Budget (see pages 31-49 of November 2, 2015 Board Packet) on November 23, 2015.

Our 2016 assessment will then be set. Presently the Finance Committee has recommended a 4.5% assessment increase, all of which will be allocated to the Replacement Capital Reserve Fund. Based on the new 2015 Reserve Study, this reserve fund is grossly underfunded.

At a community meeting (October 26, 2015) hosted by the Finance Committee, members spoke on the budget items shown below.

[Note: Although speakers were asked to state their names and neighborhoods, not all did so. If audible on the meeting recording, speakers are identified below.]
  1. Harbour Pointe Playground

    Don Blom, BCA Board liaison to Community Services Committee, began the discussion on this topic by asking that the allocated amount be restored to the original request of $28,000. He suggested the recommended $18,000 was not sufficient to the build a playground and proposed the bucket van ($57,000) and chipper/shredder ($35,000) be leased rather than purchased.

    Lisa Pelfrey (Watch Hill) who spearheaded this project through the Community Services Committee (CSC) spoke passionately about the need for a playground in Harbour Pointe for its 92 children who attend Chesterfield County public schools. Originally when Harbour Pointe was built, there was a playground and tennis courts in the open space. When the pools were sold back to the Association, that property was sold, a house was built on the property, and the area was no longer open space.

    Summarized comments of members - Brandy (Timber Ridge), Bobby Joyner (Whispering Oaks, CSC member), Linda Rubin (The Oaks, CSC member), Bob Sempek (Cove Ridge, CSC chair), Joe Herbst (Harbourwood, NRC Rep), Kim (Harbour Bluff), Peter Andreoletti (Harbour Hill), Joan O'Hanley (Muirfield Green, past Board member), Will Pelfrey (Watch Hill), James Lynch (Harbourwood), Neal Patel (North Point), Mike Carter (Watch Hill), David Pittman (Eastbluff), Ann Hunt (Timber Ridge), Bill Spence (Harbour Ridge) - who supported allocating an additional $10,000 to construct a playground include:
    • This playground is unanimously supported by CSC members.
    • Traveling from Harbour Pointe to a playground in other parts of Brandermill causes members to traverse two of Chesterfield County's most dangerous intersections.
    • Do it for the children.
    • This is an important amenity for young families living in Harbour Pointe and will attract families with children in the future.
    • $28,000 is not a lot of money for a playground.
    • Several sites in Harbour Pointe have been studied for the playground and this was the best site.
    • I raised my children in Sagewood which has a playground and there were never any traffic accidents there.
    • It is just wrong that Harbour Pointe does not have a playground.
    • A fence around the playground should mitigate adjacent homeowners' concerns of privacy intrusion.
    • The purpose of an HOA is to preserve home values and this playground would help Harbour Pointe to do that.
    • It's been a pleasure having kids move into my Harbour Pointe neighborhood; it's rejuvenated it.
    • Please look for other alternatives to fund this playground.
    • I don't think $28,000 is a lot to ask for a playground, and locating it at the proposed site would enhance security of the playground.
    • Harbour Pointe residents often feel they're not a part of Brandermill; this playground could better increase a sense of overall community.
    • Harbour Pointe kids should be able to walk or bike to a playground.
    Summarized comments of members - Stewart Dodson (Nuttree Woods), Craig Nelson (Promontory Pointe), another resident from Promontory Pointe, Mamie McNeal (Planter's Wood) - who did not support the playground at this time included:
    • Association funds should be spent on community-wide assets, not for sectional use.
    • Location of playground is not sufficiently safe for children due to continuous traffic and speeding cars nor is it designed for the handicapped.
    • The proposed location also reduces the parking area for Harbour Pointe Clubhouse.
    • Our Replacement Reserve Fund is so far behind in maintaining the amenities we already have; it would be a shame to build this playground and then not be able to take care of it.
  2. Marina Fee

    Pete Cookson (North Point) expressed concern about the proposed 25% increase in the marina fee for 2016. He felt that the marina has generated about $35,000/year since it was originally opened, with expenses (electricity, water, etc.) averaging about $5,000 for each of those years. The surplus of these funds, Cookson believes, have gone into the general fund (Operating budget). Since problems arose with Brandermill Inn, fees have been collected in an escrow fund which Cookson believes should have a balance of about $50,000. Given all of that, Cookson asked for an accounting of the escrow fund and an explanation of why a 25% increase in marina fees for 2016 is necessary.

    Dan Rucker (Stoney Ridge) supported Cookson's accounting request and reminded members that the boats moored at the marina are small boats, not yachts. The marina, according to Rucker, had not been maintained for about nine years (since the Brandermill Inn was closed). The proposed marina fee increase, he felt, is a breach of a long-standing verbal agreement between the boat owners and the Association. Rucker believes the law of supply-and-demand (if one boat owner doesn't renew his mooring fee, there are others willing to take the spot) is why the BCA Board is raising the marina by 25% in 2016 and emphasized that this was not an appropriate way to treat its members, especially since the members have been on notice for the last nine years that they may have to move their boats within a week's notice. He noted that no other user fees have been increased by 25% and asked if this increase was fair.
  3. Neighborhood Open Space Cleanup

    Hamid Ghorashi (Walker's Ferry, NRC Rep) felt there appears to be a general consensus that the Association should clean the open space surrounding/within neighborhoods. Ghorashi asked the Finance Committee and the BCA Board to consider contracting the work to outside vendors in order to facilitate this cleanup. By using part-time BCA labor, it is projected to take 5-10 years to cleanup neighborhood open space. He felt this cleanup could be expedited by the use of contract labor. He distributed a handout which illustrated how funds within the Operating Budget could be redistributed to pay for contract labor, including salaries ($20,500), pay adjustment ($4,450), payroll taxes ($8,900), pay study ($10,000), etc. for a total of approximately $53,000. This re-allocation would not have any impact on the proposed assessments for 2016, and the scope of work should be similar to that required for residents to maintain proper standards for their own yards.
  4. Pools

    Stewart Dodson (Nuttree Woods) felt that the pools should be operationally self-sustaining.
  5. Street Lamp Globes

    Dennis Lacey (Timber Ridge) asked if the Association would be responsible for paying the electric bill if $25,000 was spent to replace street lamp globes. The response to that question was "no"; the County would continue to bear that burden.
  6. Pay Study

    Neal Patel (North Point) suggested salary ranges could be obtained from This would save $10,000 in the Operating budget.
  7. Serving as a Director on the BCA Board

    Ann Hunt (Timber Ridge) encouraged members of young families run for the BCA Board of Directors. She was also surprised that none of the members at this Community meeting complained about the proposed 4.5% assessment increase in 2016.
Changes to the Proposed budget have now been submitted by the Finance Committee, and the Recommended budget (see pages 31-49 of November 2, 2015 BCA Board Information Packet) will be presented to the BCA Board of Directors, with a vote scheduled for November 23.

Plan on attending the upcoming November 2, 2015 BCA Board meeting and give your comments on the Recommended budget to the Directors. This is your LAST CHANCE to make your comments in a public forum to garner community support. After that your comments may be emailed to Manager Bailey ( or to the Directors directly. (Visit for e-mail information.)

Information Packet for November 2, 2015 BCA Board Meeting

Posted October 30, 2015 at 2:25 PM
The information packet for the November 2, 2015 BCA Board meeting is now available for downloading.

Agenda items include:
  • Member Voice and Hearing on Recommended Budget for FY 2016
  • Discussion of the Recommended Budget for FY 2016 and Introduction of Amendments
  • Consideration of Amendments to the Rules and Regulations on Boats
We encourage all Association members to attend BCA Board meetings to learn of Brandermill "happenings."

Community Meeting on Proposed 2016 Budget

Posted October 20, 2015 at 10:16 AM
Monday, October 26, 2015
6:00 p.m.
Harbour Pointe Clubhouse

It's close to the time when Brandermill's 2016 Budget becomes finalized and 2016 assessments are set! The Finance Committee has deliberated, and the Draft 2016 Budget has now become the Proposed 2016 Budget. Funding/defunding of several line items have been changed in the Operating and New Capital Reserve Fund budgets.

Residents should attend this meeting to voice their opinions about how Association monies will be spent in 2016. After this important community meeting, the Proposed Budget will become the "recommended" budget to be presented to the BCA Board at its November 2 meeting.

Community Meeting on 2015 Reserve Study

Posted October 16, 2015 at 12:02 PM
Monday, October 19, 2015
6:00 p.m.
Harbour Pointe Clubhouse

There is a 4.5% assessment increase proposed for next year, all of which will be placed into the Replacement Reserve Fund. Not only is there a recommended assessment increase for next year, but it is also recommended that $86,495 additional monies be contributed to the Replacement Reserve Fund in 2017 and 2018. Do you know why these assessment increases are recommended? They are all based on the new Reserve Study conducted earlier this year. Plan on attending this meeting to learn the impact of this Reserve Study on our assessments for 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Mark Your Calendars: NRC Meeting

Posted October 10, 2015 at 9:37 AM
NRC Meeting
Thursday, October 15, 2015
7:00 p.m.
Harbour Pointe Clubhouse

Agenda topics include discussions on the budget process, financial policy changes, and the structure and future of the NRC.

All members are invited! Mark your calendars now to attend this important meeting.

Highlights of October 5, 2015 BCA Board Meeting

Posted October 9, 2015 at 5:09 PM
Important Note: The below highlights are reported based on unofficial notes taken by NRC representatives who attended the above BCA meeting. Although we believe the below reporting is reliable and strive for accuracy, we cannot assure 100% accuracy. It is recommended to all readers that they read the approved BCA Board Meeting minutes when published.

President's Report

President Davis asked the members of the community to pray for the people of South Carolina who have suffered from Hurricane Joaquin. He assured Brandermill members that the BCA was prepared to deal with the effects of the storm. He acknowledged Danny Ramsey and the Maintenance team for their readiness and for their quick response to two large trees that fell during the recent storm.

First Vice President's Report

First Vice President Pearson spoke to the need to improve the Brandermill website and called it our most important communications tool. President Davis asked what could be done to enlist qualified volunteers for the Communications and Marketing Committee. Director Pearson responded that the work could be done, if needed, by 2-3 volunteers but stressed the importance of enlisting more qualified volunteers.

Director Pearson noted that Brandermill leads Chesterfield County home sales and will most likely continue to lead for the next decade. He suggested that this is a marketing advantage that should be leveraged through the media.

President Davis asked the Directors and members to think about members with marketing experience and to give a prospect's name to Manager Bailey.

Treasurer's Report

Treasurer Friedel proposed Ben Carter (Winterberry Ridge) be an alternate member of the Finance Committee.

Treasurer Friedel commended George Lawson for his attendance at monthly BCA Board meetings and asked Lawson to formally propose Carter to the Finance Committee.

Ben Carter has been a resident of Brandermill since 1977. He is retired from a career with the Federal Reserve and was present at this Board meeting to answer questions from the Directors.

Carter congratulated the Maintenance team on their great efforts in cleaning up after the recent storm.

Carter's nomination to the Finance Committee was unanimously approved by the BCA Board.

Directors' Reports

Director Leonard moved that Ann Hunt (Timber Ridge), presently an alternate member of the Architectural Review Board (ARB) be appointed as a full member of the ARB to fill a 2-month vacancy.

President Davis noted that others were also being considered for the ARB.

Director Blom noted that the ARB could have up to 11 members.

Director Friedel asked if Brandermill had received a completed application for Hunt and asked that the original motion be tabled until November so Directors could review her application. This substitute motion was denied by a vote of 2:5 (For: Pearson, Malek, Leonard, Blom and Hillman; Against: Davis and Friedel).

The original motion passed by a vote of 6:1, with Director Friedel voting against the motion. He clarified that he was only opposed to the timing and not to Hunt as a member.

Ann Hunt was appointed as a full member of the ARB.

Director Leonard moved that the issue of the Hayden ARB application to construct a fence be considered by the BCA Board at its November 2 meeting. President Davis ruled this motion out of order but said that the Hayden fence application will be considered in November.

Community Manager's Report

Manager John Bailey summarized the activities of the ARB and the Hearing Panel as contained in the October 5, 2015 BCA Board packet (see pages 24-31). He noted that 27 applications had been received by the ARB; 23 were approved as submitted. There were 98 violations issued and 11 resolved during the month of September.

Manager Bailey noted that the October 15, 2015 deadline to register rental properties has now passed. The BCA has received only 130 registrations to-date from an estimated total of 450 rental properties. He reminded members that rental properties not registered by the deadline would be in violation of the covenants. If a rental property is determined to exist and is not registered, the Association will issue a notice and the owner will have 10 days to register after which time violation fees could accrue.

Manager Bailey advised that he had met several times with Rupert Landscaping. Four neighborhoods (Long Hill, Riverbirch Trace, Timber Ridge and Harbourwood) would get plantings of perennials in November, while the remaining neighborhoods will receive plantings of fall annuals. The perennial plantings will be evaluated in the winter and spring, and depending on their viability could continued into future years. Rupert Landscaping, at no additional cost, will also (1) increase pruning and shearing from two to three times a year under the current contract, (2) top the crepe myrtles as needed and (3) cut brush in the understory along North Beach and Planters Wood Roads as needed.

Finance Committee Report

Director Friedel raised questions about quorums on recent Brandermill History Project meetings, specifically as it relates to funding requested by the group in the 2016 and 2017 budgets. Under this proposal, funding of $25,000 ($12,500 in 2016 and $12,500 in 2017) would be provided by Brandermill to print 2,000 copies of a book on Brandermill's history. The book would then be sold to recover the investment and generate revenue for Brandermill. Director Friedel questioned the legitimacy and transparency of this proposal since the History Project group did not have quorum at its recent meetings. Manager Bailey clarified that the History Committee is no longer a formal operating committee and rules governing quorum did not necessarily apply. This proposal is being examined and considered during the budget process.

Director Pearson then asked that some record of various pending issues before the BCA Board be maintained. Director Hillman agreed that this was a good suggestion. Manager Bailey responded that he could create and update (on a monthly basis) a spreadsheet to keep track of pending issues to be discussed.

Director Pearson then commented that he is also an advocate for a spreadsheet of pending violations to keep the community apprised of status on active violations. He would like this record to note the total number of violations, the percentage of violations by neighborhood and the top or most serious violations. He commented that he did not want to see Brandermill get into the shaming business, but that we need to have information available so that residents know what we are doing.

Consideration of Amendments to the Financial Policy

Director Pearson suggested that the language in the proposed policy under Section 3.A Replacement Capital Reserve Fund (see page 39 of the October 5, 2015 BCA Board packet) be clarified to specify that any action by the BCA Board to transfer funds from the Replacement Reserve Fund to the Operating Budget be a public vote. This suggestion was motioned and adopted.

Director Leonard asked that the language in the policy under Section 3.D Project Management (see page 40 of the October 5, 2015 BCA Board packet) and Sections 4.C Project Management (see page 40 of the October 5, 2015 BCA Board packet) limit the authority of the Community Manager to exceed a project budget without BCA Board approval be changed to 5%. This proposal was adopted by the Directors.

Director Leonard recommended that language in Section 12. Disclosure Information Packets (see page 49 of the October 5, 2015 BCA Board packet) be clarified to indicate the seller agrees to allow the Property Management Department to conduct on-site inspections of the property to identify any violations of our restrictive covenants.

The above changes were all adopted, and the Amendments to the Financial Policy were approved by an unanimous vote of the BCA Board.

Consideration of Finance Committee Recommendations on the Reserve Study

Director Blom moved that the BCA Board direct the 2015 Reserve Study be calculated based upon the recommendation of the Finance Committee to include the following:
  • A construction inflation rate be calculated based on a rolling 5-year average. The construction inflation rate to be used for 2015 is 2.39%.
  • A minimum threshold balance of $1,000,000.
  • An annual escalation of the contribution to the Reserve Fund of $86,495 for each of the next three years.
Director Pearson asked for clarification of the escalation to the Reserve Fund. Community Manager Bailey clarified that the Reserve Study's recommendation to increase the contribution to the Replacement Reserve Fund by $86,495 annually for each of the next three years did not mean that assessments would increase by that amount.

President Davis summarized that this sets a goal for the BCA Board regarding funding of the Replacement Reserve Fund as it deliberates and establishes the budget over the next three years.

Manager Bailey stated the Reserve Study is a 30-year study, setting the construction inflation factor at 2.39% for 2016 and showing a need to raise $86,495 additional dollars for each of the next three years to meet funding requirements in order to maintain/replace our existing assets. The current Reserve Study recommends an annual contribution of approximately $400,00 whereas the previous reserve study indicated an annual contribution of only $276,000. 2015 contribution to Replacement Reserve Fund was only $236,000.

Director Friedel stated that for the first time, an annual construction inflation factor is built into the Replacement Reserve Fund recommendation.

President Davis asked if there was any cap on the total size of the Reserve Fund. Manager Bailey clarified that new reserve studies are required to be done every five years, and that the 4.5% recommended increase in assessments for the next three years was only a consideration to be made as the budget is developed each year.

The recommendations of the Finance Committee on the Reserve Study were approved by a unanimous vote of the BCA Board.

Presentation of the Draft 2016 Budget

Manager Bailey highlighted line items within 2016 draft budget, concluding with:
  • An assessment increase of 4.5% or $20 annually per household. All of the increase revenues would go to the Replacement Reserve Fund. There would be no increase related to the Operating budget.
  • Revenue generated from user fees, with the exception of pool memberships and marina fees, were increased by approximately 2%. Pool fees were not increased, and annual marina fees were increased from $800 to $1,000. (For specific details of proposed user fee changes, download the proposed 2016 BCA Fee Schedule.)
Director Hillman raised a number of questions regarding lines items in the 2016 draft budget:
  • The 2016 draft budget indicated a $6,000 drop in revenue for 2016 Late Charges and Finance Charges revenue (line 8) to $42,000 versus this year's budgeted $48,000 budgeted amount. Manager Bailey responded that $42,000 might be low, but that he would rather be conservative in projecting/budgeting for revenue.
  • The 2016 draft budget was projected to be $48,000 for Disclosure Package revenue (line 16); this is a $2,000 decrease from the $50,000 projected for this year. Manager Bailey responded that $50,000 budgeted for 2015 was an increase of $15,000 over the previous year.
  • The 2016 draft budget for Miscellaneous Income (line 20) shows $1,000 which looks extremely low when compared to the 3-year average of $8,474. Manager Bailey responded that Miscellaneous Income is variable and gave the example of income resulting from the sale of remnants when trees were taken down.
  • The proposed $25,000 in funding over two years to produce a copy table book on Brandermill's history was questioned, as Director Hillman did not expect sales of the book to be met and hence funding to be recovered. Manager Bailey responded that this is a new line item in the budget as proposed by the History Project and would certainly be reviewed by the Finance Committee.
  • The 2016 draft budget shows Salaries (line 36) being budgeted at $840,500. Director Hillman asked if the projected annual 2015 salaries to be $810,000, why is there an increase in the 2016 budgeted amount. Manager Bailey responded that the BCA had gaps in full employment during 2015 which accounts for the lower spending on salary in the current year.
  • The 2016 draft budget shows $11,500 budgeted for Equipment Purchases (line 45). When we have averaged almost $23,000 in equipment purchases in the past three years and are projecting to spend $16,000 this year, why is this line item being decreased? Manager Bailey responded that we have been updating and replacing equipment for several years and don't anticipate needing to budget at the same rate as over the last several years.
  • The 2016 draft budget shows $83,500 for General Repairs and Maintenance (line 66) which is roughly a $5,000 decrease from what is projected to be spent this year. Manager Bailey clarified that this is not repairs and maintenance on equipment but rather on Brandermill assets. Since BCA Maintenance has been fixing things over the past several years, he does not anticipate this cost to be as high as in previouts years.
  • The 2016 draft budget shows an increase of $6,000 for Legal Fees (line 69). Manager Bailey commented that the Association is still trying to "get a good budgeted number" on that item.
  • The 2016 draft budget shows a budget of $22,500 for 4th of July Celebration (line 89) which is an increase of $1,500. Manager Bailey stated that the increase was due to the fireworks.
  • The 2016 draft budget shows a $5,000 decrease for Tree Management (line 109). Manager Bailey responded that next year's projected tree management costs all relate to the Genito Road project. Since the BCA has received quotes for that work, it can project a lower cost for this work.

    Director Hillman asked if the work needed on neighborhood open spaces was funded from Tree Management. Manager Bailey believes that tree removal within neighborhood open spaces would be funded from Tree Removal (line 100). Director Hillman referenced a list of open spaces which were to be cleaned up and asked if the BCA needed additional funding to get the work done.

    Director Leonard asked which open spaces would be cleaned up. Director Hillman stated that Community Appearance Committee has generated a list of prioritized areas to be addressed. She asked for confirmation that no additional funds were needed to address cleanup of those areas. Manager Bailey affirmed that any trees needed to be removed from those areas would be deducted from the Tree Removal line item.

    Director Malek asked about the largest open space cleanup projects we are budgeting. Manager Bailey responded that the largest open spaces for which we are budgeting cleanup funding are Sunday Park, The Landing, McTyre's Cove Point and along the walking trails. He clarified that cleanup is mainly picking up deadfall and branches, not taking down trees.

    Director Hillman said that strategically if the BCA Board showed an interest in cleaning up neighborhood open spaces, the residents would follow in maintaining their own properties.
  • The 2016 draft budget shows Miscellaneous Landscaping (line 127) budgeted for $6,500 when current projected 2015 expenditure is only $690 this year. Manager Bailey responded that this provides funding for unforeseen landscaping projects.
  • Director Malek asked about tree removal in neighborhoods and on streets where trees overhang the roadways. He asked if tree removal funding could be budgeted towards these areas.
  • Director Leonard questioned funding of the swim team by Brandermill. He noted that his research shows that other communities in the area do not fund swim teams and suggested this money go to the "Self Help" program. Brandermill is currently budgeting $3,500 annually toward funding of the swim team. Director Leonard commented that some other communities considered use of the pools as their contribution to support of the swim team, while still other communities charged the swim team for use of the community pools.
President Davis agreed that funding of the swim team might have been needed as seed money at one time but might no longer be needed.

Director Malek disagreed, saying that the swim team is part of the community.

Manager Bailey commented on next steps and upcoming meetings in the budget process and summarized the New Capital Budget projects included in the budget. One of the projects is a new playground in Harbour Pointe which currently has no playgrounds or parks. The other is a bucket van for the Maintenance Department for use in trimming back trees along the roadways, fixing lights, etc. Proposed funding for the playground project is $28,000, and for the bucket van $57,000.

Director Leonard suggested that these two proposed new capital projects be delayed until 2017 and put into consideration under the New Capital Reserve Fund.

Director Blom opposed any delay to the proposed Harbour Pointe playground, noting that Harbour Pointe is separate from the main body of Brandermill in which several parks already exist and that Harbour Pointe does not currently have a playground.

Consideration of Additional Funding for FY2015 Replacement Capital Projects (Maintenance Equipment: Tractor, Track Loader)

Director Hillman motioned that funding not to exceed $75,000 be approved for Replacement Capital projects to fund a tractor and a track loader for use by the maintenance department.

Manager Bailey clarified that the two main pieces needing funding are a tractor at a cost of $33,000 and a tracked mini-excavator for use by the Maintenance Department in clearing drainage ditches at a cost of $30,000. He also clarified that the tractor currently owned by the Association is often in the shop for repairs and that the community no longer owns an excavator.

Director Leonard suggested leasing rather than purchasing this equipment. Director Pearson asked if the Association has storage space for this equipment. Bailey responded that we do have storage space for the tractor and that we would find or create space for the excavator.

This motion passed unanimously.

Consideration of Additional New Capital Project in 2015 (Rope and Post Entry to The Landing)

Director Malek motioned to approve funding for this project not to exceed $3,000. President Davis noted that this would be done in conjunction with the cleanup and landscaping which is being done now at The Landing.

Manager Bailey and President Davis advised that most of the boats have been removed and work is progressing. Only about a dozen boats and trailers remain. President Davis commented that this area will look very good when work is completed.

This motion to approve funding for the Rope and Post Entry was unanimously approved.

Consideration of Amendments to the Rules and Regulations on Boats (First Reading)

(See pages 60-64 of October 5, 2015 Board Packet)

Director Leonard made a motion to consider amendments to the rules and regulations on boats at the November board meeting and to authorize the publication of the amendments as part of a first reading of the proposed amendments. President Davis noted that these amendments are being made in conjunction with the improvements and cleanup being accomplished at The Landing.

Director Pearson asked if the boats on the water need to be clarified as a type of extension of member property. He also asked if one year was the right amount of time as a grace period for lack of maintenance on boats and trailers. It was suggested that this time be shortened to six months.

Director Leonard asked about language in the amendments pertaining to parking of boats on home property, i.e., beaches in front of home property. He questioned language in the proposed amendment stating that members would be assessed a fee for storing boats in such locations. It was affirmed that this was the current practice.

Director Malek questioned whether the language had been published for member review and comment. Manager Bailey advised that this is the intent of having a "first reading" and that the language will indeed be published.

Information Packet for October 5, 2015 BCA Board Meeting

Posted October 2, 2015 at 3:28 PM
The information packet for the upcoming BCA Board meeting is now available for downloading.

Agenda items include:
  • Consideration of Financial Policy
  • Consideration of Finance Committee Recommendations on the Reserve Study
  • Presentation of the Draft FY 2016 Budget
  • Consideration of Additional Funding to FY 2015 Replacement Capital for New Heavy Equipment
  • Consideration of New Capital Project in FY 2015 (Rope and Post Entry to The Landing)
  • Consideration of Amendments to the Rules and Regulations for Boats (First Reading)
A brief description of the above agenda items is available in a memo from Manager Bailey to the BCA Board on pages 3-4 of this Board Packet.

We encourage all Association members to attend BCA Board meetings to learn of Brandermill "happenings."