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Highlights of November 1, 2016 BCA Board Meeting

Posted November 4, 2016 at 11:46 AM
Important Note: The below highlights are reported based on unofficial notes taken by NRC representatives who attended the above BCA meeting. Although we believe the below reporting is reliable and strive for accuracy, we cannot assure 100% accuracy. It is recommended to all readers that they read the approved BCA Board Meeting minutes when published.

Member Voice

Ben Woods (Garrison Place) expressed his concern to the BCA Board that while assessments are increasing, services such as the 4th of July fireworks and contribution to the swim team are being reduced in this year's budget. He noted that salaries and associated benefits are a very large part of the budget, representing about $1 million of a $2 million budget. Although he doesn't "begrudge anyone making money for their work," he wonders if we may be too heavy on staffing for an HOA of our size.

President Davis responded that the total cost of salaries and employee benefits is at the lowest percentage of budget in recent years and now represents less than 50% of the total 2017 Budget. He anticipates that the fireworks and support for the swim team would be funded in the final version of the 2017 Budget. President Davis also said that the Replacement Reserve Fund will be properly funded to maintain our infrastructure.

Woods said he felt encouraged that these issues have been discussed and/or will be discussed.

Lisa Pelfrey (Watch Hill) thanked the Directors for the new playground in Harbour Pointe, adding it is a great place to meet new neighbors. She acknowledged that development of the 2017 Budget has been hard and that she has heard the BCA Board's desire to have more young people involved. She informed the Directors that a lot of young people are, in fact, involved through various Facebook groups and encouraged the Directors to participate.

Pelfrey, who serves on the Community Services Committee, also informed the BCA Board that people are using the new Harbour Pointe playground and that 16-20 children have recently been seen using the it.

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President's Report

President Davis thanked Treasurer Friedel and members of the Finance Committee for their time and effort in developing the 2017 Budget. He feels that the recommended 2017 budget has received the "most thorough scrubbing of the numbers" of any recent budget.

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First Vice President's Report

First Vice President Pearson informed the community that the Communications & Marketing Committee is recommending that the BCA continue with ForwardPass, as the technology supports the "best value" in terms of both website and software. He noted, however, that the committee would wait until a new General Manager is in place before finalizing this recommendation.

The Communications & Marketing Committee is also considering a new "sub-image" (or tag line) for Brandermill, which would be "a waterfront golf community". First Vice President Pearson noted that this proposed marketing image would need to be discussed by the Directors, with input from the community and the new General Manager, prior to it being adopted. He also reported that the Communications & Marketing Committee did not endorse funding for the proposed Brandermill History Book.

With regards to the General Manager search, First Vice President Pearson reminded the community that the Search Team had narrowed the search to five top applicants from the original 98 applications that had been received. Brandermill will be bringing in two of these top applicants to spend two days and nights in the community. During the next two weeks, these applicants will meet the Directors and have an opportunity to tour Brandermill and discuss the challenges facing the community.

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Director's Report

Director Nardella nominated Michael Sweeney (Old Fox Trail) to serve a 3-year term as a full member of the Architectural Review Board ("ARB"). Sweeney is an architect with over 20 years of experience and is Vice President of Design and Construction for Shamin Hotels where he has overseen more than $400 million in hotel construction projects. The BCA Board unanimously approved Sweeney as an ARB member.

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Acting General Manager's Report

Acting General Manager Raimo reported that about 50% of the electrical work at the marina has now been completed, and deck work has begun. He also reported that the repaving work at the Harbour Pointe pool and clubhouse has been completed, and BCA Maintenance is now looking into repainting the parking lines in the lower parking lot of the clubhouse.

BCA Maintenance will also be placing some fire wood at North Beach pool, which will be available at no-charge to residents.

Manager Raimo also informed the community that street sign cleaning has begun and is expected to be completed in the next couple of weeks. Trail maintenance is on-going, and residents are asked to contact BCA Maintenance Supervisor Danny Ramsey if they know of any trails requiring attention.

The bucket truck has just completed work on Planter's Wood Road and is now entering adjacent neighborhoods. Once that work has been done, the bucket truck will work along North Beach Road. The Community Appearance & Maintenance Committee will be developing a schedule for use of the bucket truck.

Manager Raimo extended special thanks to Jennifer Strader, Donna Allen, Danny Ramsey and the BCA Maintenance crew for their work on the Halloween Tot Fest. It was well-received and very well attended.

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Discussion and Approval of the 2017 Budget

Treasurer Friedel moved and Director Hillman seconded a motion to approve the 2017 Budget. Director Gregory amended that motion to include the provision that any year-end budget surplus go into the Replacement Reserve Fund. The amended motion was seconded by Director Hillman.

Director Hunt asked for clarification of "budget surplus". Director Gregory explained that it would be any monies remaining in the Operating budget after all expenses had been paid.


The BCA Board unanimously approved the amended motion.

Director Gregory thanked the Finance Committee for their work on the budget. He went on to caution the community that Brandermill is still in a financial crunch due to our aging infrastructure.

Finance Chair John Cardea spoke briefly to advise the BCA Board that he would be writing an open letter to the Directors with recommendations to improve the budget process to make it more open and inclusive.

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Appeal on ARB Fence Denial at 3501 Quail Hill Court

Property owner Eugene White appealed to the BCA Board regarding ARB's denial of his request for changes to his fence. White informed the Directors that the privacy fence in question existed along the rear plane of the house, and at a subsequent point in time the fence was extended to the front plane of the home where it currently sits. This extension was not approved by the ARB, and White asked the BCA Board to approve the fence at its current location.

Director Hunt asked White if he could offer documentation for approval of the fence extension. He could not but noted that his adjacent neighbor had a fence in a similar location to his. Director Hunt commented that the Residential Standards would allow for the fence to be moved to include a rear or side door but didn't know of any case where a fence in Brandermill had been approved to be adjacent to the front plane of the house.

Director Pearson asked if the fence work had been performed by an outside contractor. White responded that he had done the work himself as he is a State-certified contractor and added that he had gotten verbal approval from a former BCA employee to extend the fence but had nothing in writing.

ARB Chair Andy Wyman advised the Directors that the fence was originally approved for the rear plane of the house to include shrubbery which was never planted. Chair Wyman stated that White had brought the fence forward by 4-feet without getting ARB approval and also noted that his neighbor's fence which ran to the front that house was never approved.

Director Pearson moved and Director Nardella seconded a motion to deny this request. The motion passed by a vote of 6:1, with Director Friedel voting in opposition.

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