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Mark Your Calendars

Posted May 19, 2016 at 10:03 AM
NRC Meet-and-Greet Meeting
Tuesday, May 31, 2016
7:00 p.m.

Harbour Pointe Clubhouse

Missed the last NRC meeting? Minutes of that meeting are now downloadable. Read summaries on Manager Bailey's presentation on neighborhood open space cleanup and the proposed 2017 dog park.

Join us at this meeting and let the NRC know your thoughts on these and other topics on your mind!

The Bailey Era

Posted May 19, 2016 at 10:01 AM
The following is a reprint of a BCA communique entitled "The Bailey Era", transmitted May 18, 2016.

John Bailey, who has served ably as Community Manager for more than three years, has tendered his resignation to pursue "a substantial advancement opportunity in the field of property management." The full text of Bailey's resignation message to the community will appear in Friday's e-Newsletter.

Known to all as JB, he joined the BCA in January, 2013. As the intervening years have proven, he was exactly the right person for the leadership role. With a larger than life personality, he has been instrumental in advancing Brandermill as a first choice community.

Among his many accomplishments, JB's legacy will include his focus on aesthetics (think the wildly popular brush pickup program), asset management (think our pools, walking paths and the community association offices) and perhaps most significant the complete revamping of the Association's communications activities (think the weekly e-Newsletter, significant expansion of the Association's e-mail subscriber list and periodic e-blasts messages such as the one you're reading).

On behalf of a grateful community, we wish JB and his wife Meredith continued success in their personal and professional lives. We will miss them. And, we do hope they will visit us from time to time so they can see the continued fruits of the seeds they planted while here.

President Charlie Davis
Brandermill Community Association
Message courtesy of Brandermill Community Association

Highlights of May 2, 2016 BCA Board Meeting

Posted May 6, 2016 at 5:10 PM
Important Note: The below highlights are reported based on unofficial notes taken by NRC representatives who attended the above BCA meeting. Although we believe the below reporting is reliable and strive for accuracy, we cannot assure 100% accuracy. It is recommended to all readers that they read the approved BCA Board Meeting minutes when published.

Member Voice

Joe Herbst (Harbour Wood) informed the community that an NRC Task Force has been assembled to consider how to increase participation and make the NRC more effective. In addition to himself, current members of the Task Force include Don Blom (Promontory Pointe), Hamid Ghorashi (Walker's Ferry), Tom Leonard (Fox Chase) and Doug Wayne (Rockport Landing). He noted that he is seeking additional members. He also informed the BCA Board that the first meeting of the Task Force will take place at 7?p.m. on Thursday, May?5, 2016 at the Brandermill office. He outlined the assumptions behind the formation of the Task Force and noted that the group will first work to reach agreement on these assumptions: (1)?the NRC or some representative body like the NRC is essential to good community government, (2)?the goals of the current NRC Charter are good goals, (3)? the NRC successfully meets these goals in a number of important ways, (4)?representation and participation in the NRC has been hampered by limited participation, and (5)?it has been difficult to recruit candidates to fill the NRC board positions.

Herbst noted that the agenda for the first meeting will include time to establish the Task Force's mission and goals and to develop its work plan. He commented that this work plan will need to include examining the NRC's organization and structure, examining its governing documents, developing plans to increase member participation and developing plans to enhance communications.

President's Report

President Davis congratulated Bob Gregory, Ann Hunt and Tony Nardella for offering themselves for public service and for being elected. He also thanked George Lawson for entering the race and for his continuing contributions to the Association and its Finance Committee.

President Davis commented: "This train is leaving the station and, in the next 11 months, it will make a number of station stops on various issues." The residents have overwhelmingly approved an increase in the Capital Fee which is the only source at this time for new revenue for capital projects. The current 2016 budget includes a 4.5% increase, all of which went?into the Replacement Reserve Fund, better ensuring?we can maintain our real property. He commented that both of those steps will enable Brandermill to continue its rejuvenation with the goal of improving our property values.

President Davis reminded the members that the Association had begun charging a fee for payments made by credit card. It is anticipated that this will?save?the Association about $30,000 annually. He commented that any member who is delinquent in assessments or other fees owed to the Association should "step up to the plate" and make payment. He informed members that the first priority on the Finance Committee agenda is to study the best options to collect delinquent funds.

He also said that the Finance Committee will be reviewing BCA policy regarding financial penalties imposed for violations of Association standards, adding that in past years a number of instances have had fees rescinded on properly imposed penalties. A number of the Directors have questioned the impact of these rescinded fees on revenue and compliance.

President Davis concluded with: "None of this is being said to be malicious or punitive. But we - resident and commercial members - are all in this together, and everyone needs to carry his/her own weight."

First Vice President's Report

First Vice President Pearson informed the members that the Communications and Marketing Committee will meet at the BCA office on Thursday, May?5,?2016 at 4?p.m. He informed the members that the Committee would be discussing print advertising for the near future as well as hearing Staff recommendations on possible companies for website development.

Treasurer's Report

Treasurer Friedel remarked that with Bob Gregory's election to the BCA Board and the current members of the Finance Committee, the Association has a very strong financial team. He commented that he feels comfortable about the Brandermill's financial security.

Treasurer Friedel indicated that the Finance Committee still has some work to do. The Association has some problems that need to be addressed regarding what appears to be a high exposure in its accounts receivable. He commented that past reports have included a total for accounts receivable but that he and the Finance Committee did not realize until recently that some of this money may be at-risk and uncollectable. He also commented that the Association will need to look at the issue of charges not being collected, as?some members in the past who have been late in?paying assessments have not been required to pay late payment penalties.

Director Pearson had a number of questions regarding the financials. He asked how many members were stilling paying assessments by credit card. Manager Bailey responded that this number is down but that he didn't know exactly how many residents still utilized credit cards.

Director Pearson asked what was information regarding the fee charged for credit card payments was included in the Association's disclosure packet, what amount was being charged for the disclosure package and what other materials were included. Manager Bailey and President Davis responded that the maximum amount charged for the disclosure package is regulated by state law. Director Hunt and Manager Bailey conveyed that the property's compliance and non-compliance issues, Association's covenants, design standards, financial information such as the budget and the latest reserve study, and minutes from past BCA Board meetings are among the items contained in the disclosure packet.

Director Pearson asked if all the marina fees (due in January) have been collected. Manager Bailey said he would get back to the BCA Board with more information regarding how marina fees are collected.

Director Pearson asked for clarification of line 32 (page 17 of May?2,?2016 Board packet) which indicates employees taking days off without pay. Manager Bailey commented that this was for situations where employees who had no remaining vacation or sick days might need to take time off. Director Pearson questioned whether the Association should allow this practice. Manager Bailey responded that it did not occur frequently. Director Pearson commented that he thought this practice was unusual. Director Hillman believes this is not an unusual business practice today and that there are probably more companies that allow it than not.

Director Pearson asked for clarification about the line item "computer support" (line item 66, page 18 of May?2,?2016 Board packet). Manager Bailey explained that these were charges for IT support that could be either hardware or software related.

Director Pearson asked for clarification about the line item "software" (line item 67, page 18 of May?2,?2016 Board packet). Manager Bailey responded that this charge reflected the Association's monthly payment to ForwardPass for use of their software.

Director Pearson asked for clarification about the line item "printing" (line item 74, page 18 of May?2,?2016 Board packet). Manager Bailey responded that this reflected the cost of printing ballots, the directory, copier charges and any other miscellaneous printing-related costs.

Steve Russek (McTyre's Cove) asked how much of the accounts receivable total might be at-risk and uncollectable. President Davis responded that the Finance Committee would be working on this issue, noting that buried within the data would some amount that would need to be written off. He clarified that this might include bad debt from things like bankruptcies and abandoned properties. Treasurer Friedel commented that it would be irresponsible for the Association to release inaccurate data.

Community Manager's Report

Manager Bailey reported on the activity of the ARB which received 62 applications in April which was twice the number received in March. Of these, 50 were approved as submitted. Only four were not approved. Please see page 36 of May?2,?2016 Board packet for more detail.

Manager Bailey reported that the Covenant Enforcement team cited 113 properties in 44 neighborhoods for violations. He reported that the 152 violations were resolved. Please see page 36 of May 2, 2016 Board packet for more detail.

Manager Bailey reported that the abandoned property in Fortune's Ridge has been sold, and that all six neighborhood signs identified for refinishing have been completed. He also reported that there are six other abandoned properties that the Association is dealing with. Action on these properties is proceeding through the necessary legal and financial steps. Please see page 37 of May 2, 2016 Board packet for more detail.

Manager Bailey reminded Association members of the public meeting regarding the proposed outdoor adventure park on Genito Road: Thursday, May?5,?2016, 7 p.m., Clover Hill High School. He also noted that Brandermill Animal Hospital may file an application to relocate to the old KinderCare building in Market Square; the BCA will be following this application.

Manager Bailey noted that open space clean-up work by the contractor has been accomplished but that work by the in-house crew is continuing. Our maintenance team will be working in the Three Bridges open space and along the walking trails. Depending upon weather, the work in Three Bridges should be completed within the next couple of weeks.

Manager Bailey reported that site preparation work for the Harbour Pointe playground is being completed, noting that a berm and fence have been complete. Drainage is now being installed and playground equipment being assembled. He projected that, depending on weather, this project will be completed by the next week.

Manager Bailey reported that the Community Services Committee is looking into the advantages and disadvantages of installing a locking gate at the entrance to the Harbour Pointe pool and clubhouse parking lot. This is being considered to limit unauthorized use of the parking lot during late night hours. He also noted that work on the sidewalks at the clubhouse is being completed and that bids are being considered for work on the parking lot.

Manager Bailey also reminded residents that work on Genito road near the lake will begin on Monday, July?11,?2016 and that the road will be closed for 3-4 weeks.


Director Gregory moved that Ben Carter be changed from Alternate to Voting status as a member of the Finance Committee. Carter was approved unanimously for a 3-year term as a voting member of the Finance Committee.

Director Hillman moved that Steve Russek and Diane Cardea be approved for 3-year terms on the Community Appearance and Maintenance Committee. These appointments were approved unanimously.

Director Hunt moved that Meredith Robinson be approved for a 3-year term on the Community Services Committee. This appointment was approved unanimously.

Highlights of May 2, 2016 BCA Organizational Meeting

Posted May 6, 2016 at 5:06 PM
Important Note: The below highlights are reported based on unofficial notes taken by NRC representatives who attended the above BCA meeting. Although we believe the below reporting is reliable and strive for accuracy, we cannot assure 100% accuracy. It is recommended to all readers that they read the approved BCA Board Meeting minutes when published.

Officers of the 2016 BCA Board

President: Charlie Davis
First Vice President: Greg Pearson
Second Vice President: Bob Gregory
Treasurer: Bob Friedel

2016 Board Liaisons

Architectural Review Board Director Nardella
Communications & Marketing Committee Director Pearson
Community Appearance and Maintenance Committee Director Hillman
Community Services Committee Director Hunt
Finance Committee Treasurer Friedel and Director Gregory
Hearing Panel Director Nardella
Neighborhood Residents Council Director Hunt
Planning Committee Directors Pearson and Hillman